Lorraine Fenton recipient of Tyrone Hospital’s ‘Spirit of Nursing’ award

Tyrone Hospital officials announced that Lorraine Fenton, RN, is the recipient of Tyrone Hospital’s “Spirit of Nursing Award” in 2007.
The announcement was made at a celebration held for hospital employees during National Nurses Week and National Hospital Week May 6-12.
The hospital’s nursing department instituted the award in 2006 and grants the award on an annual basis to a nurse that demonstrates outstanding performance. The “Spirit of Nursing Award” recipient receives a trophy.
Fenton, a resident of Philipsburg, has been employed at Tyrone Hospital since 1991. She is a graduate of the Philipsburg Hospital School of Nursing and has been in the nursing professions for more than 38 years. She works the evening shift in the hospital’s medical surgical unit and also in the intensive care unit.
Fenton said she was surprised to learn she was this year’s award recipient.
“I am honored that my peers selected me for this award.”
In the comments she made before members of the Tyrone Hospital family who gathered to hear the award announcement, Fenton acknowledged fellow nurses. “I am not the only one, we have a lot of nurses here and they are all special and make an important contribution.”
In addition to her professional talents, Fenton is known among co-workers for her skills in quilting, canning, gardening and is an excellent cook. Co-workers say Fenton at times “caters” their shift, treating fellow nursing staff to a home cooked meal on their dinner break.
Linda Wertz, RN, Director of Inpatient Services and Al Godissart, RN, Director of Outpatient Services at Tyrone Hospital, said the “Spirit of Nursing Award” is special because the recipient is selected by their peers.
“Members of the nursing staff submit the names of fellow nurses that they think should be honored with the award. It is through this process that the nursing staff selects one nurse to honor,” said Wertz.
Nurses may qualify for the award if they provide direct patient care, have a comprehensive knowledge about the art of nursing, demonstrate a commitment to giving excellent nursing care, serve as an advocate to patients and families, and serve as a role model for other nursing staff.
Wertz said, “We receive a lot of positive feedback about the nursing care provided at Tyrone Hospital. It is a pleasure to honor Mrs. Fenton, who is a shining example of the personalized care that our nurses provide.”