Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The program will be held at the Park Avenue Playground,
With local schools wrapping up classes for the summer very soon, Tyrone Borough will be kicking off their summer playground program.
This will be held at the Park Avenue Playground, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. The program will begin on Monday, June 11 and will run until Friday, August 24, with the exception of the 4th of July. There will be no program held on that date.
The program will once again be under the direction of Bree Gurekovich, who will be assisted by Stacy Shaffer.
The goal of the program is to provide a safe, healthy and fun environment for children to play. Programs offered are designated for elementary-age children.
The borough stresses that this is not a baby sitting service. Children five and under must be accompanied by an adult.
Daily activities held in June include an introduction game on the first day, June 11, umbrellas on June 12, handprint suns on June 13, dog puppets on June 14, name game on June 15, magnetic caterpillars on June 18, ladybug hats on June 19, polar bears on June 20, bumblebees on June 21, heart elephants on June 22, spiders on June 25, rock frogs on June 26, dragonflies on June 27, butterflies on June 28 and alligator masks on June 29.
Daily activities in July include Bree’s craft day on July 2, a 4th of July party on July 3, ladybug puppets on July 5, car wash on July 6, pencil containers on July 9, plate frogs on July 10, St. Patty’s Day hats on July 11, pillows on July 12, water fun on July 13, dinosaur hats on July 16, pinwheels on July 17, chain caterpillars on July 18, Easter on July 19, car wash on July 20, handprint flowers on July 23, flowers on July 24, Christmas in July on July 25, pick your own craft on July 26, water fun on July 27, walk-a-thon on July 30 and paper scraps on July 31.
Daily activities in August include Valentine’s Day on August 1, shamrock magnets on August 2, car wash, on August 3, happy birthday on August 6, marble painting on August 7, door knob hangers on August 8, planting flowers on August 9, water fun on August 10, shoe laces on August 13, pig puppets on August 14, pick your own craft day on August 15, Bree’s craft day on August 16, car wash on August 17, bunny masks on August 20, rainbow hats on August 21, tie-dying on August 22 and 23, and an end of program party on the last day, August 24.
There will also be special guests scheduled to appear this summer at the program.
This program is free of charge and sponsored by the Borough of Tyrone.

By Rick