Too many members absent from Tyrone Council meeting, forcing cancellation

Tyrone Borough Council was forced to cancel their June 11 meeting last night due to the issue that Council did not have enough members present to have a quorum.
Including the Mayor, who is a voting member of Council, there are eight Council Members. According to their home rule charter, there must be five Council Members present to have a quorum, in other words conduct business.
The announcement on the cancellation was made shortly after 7 p.m. by Council Vice President Bill Latchford. He also added that this hasn’t happened in 13 years.
Along with Latchford, Council Members Bill Fink, Steve Hanzir, and Virgie Werner were present.
According to Borough officials, Mayor Kilmartin, and Council Members Jennifer Bryan and Jim Grazier contacted Borough officials earlier and informed them they would be unable to attend Monday night’s meeting. Prior to Monday night’s cancellation, Borough officials were already concerned they may not have enough for a quorum.