Bald Eagle Vol. Fire Co. suffers costly burglary

State Police in Hollidaysburg reported a burglary that occurred at the Bald Eagle Volunteer Fire Company in Tyrone, along State Route 220 in Snyder Township.
The burglary was initiated and completed by unknown assailant(s) between the times of 2:30 a.m. and 3 a.m. The items that were reported stolen included one lap-top computer, one Motorola portable radio and charger, and one empty metal cash box. A glass window was also broken.
The Bald Eagle Vol. Fire Co. estimated that its total loss was around $5,000.
Police said that the fire company was dispatched to a vehicle accident on I-99, but no accident was ever found by the responding firemen and emergency personnel. While the volunteers were out at the scene, the unknown suspect(s) went through an unlocked door into the fire hall.
The suspect(s) then went to a locked interior office in the building and broke a window to gain entry. Once inside, the above mentioned items were stolen.
Bald Eagle Vol. Fire Co. Chief Scott Illig was astonished that somebody would steal from a volunteer fire company. He said that the fire hall has an alarm system installed by Auda Maxx Sound & Security that is always armed, but the company disarms the system when out on a call.
Illig noted that whoever robbed the fire hall must have known that routine.
“I think it’s pretty pathetic, we’re a volunteer fire company,” said Illig. “For somebody to do this is just pathetic.”
He added, “The next time someone wants to steal from us, they can just call and we’ll make a donation.”
Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Pennsylvania State Police in Hollidaysburg at 814-696-6100.