Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

When the students learned the grandson of one of the school’s senior volunteers, Mrs. Gloria Hooper, who works in Mrs. Karen Raffetto’s kindergarten class, was stationed in Iraq, they were eager to get out their crayons, scissors and paper and make Valentines to send to him. They were excited to know that their cards would bring a lot of happiness to the troops. The whole elementary school was invited to participate in this worthwhile project. L.C.P.L. Joshua Waters will be receiving a great big box of wonderful Valentines he will be able to share with all the men in his company. Mail is so important to the troops to let them know how much their service to our country is valued. His grandmother will also pack a lot of Skittles alongside the Valentines, his favorite candy. Thanks to all the classes that took part in the Valentine project. Front row, from left: Brandon Homan, Maria Myers, Gloria Hooper and Colson Lewis. Back: Karen Raffetto, teacher. (Courtesy photo)

By Rick