Tyrone Golden Eagles Football WTRN Broadcast 2016-2017

In conjunction with WTRN, we bring you LIVE coverage of TAHS Football for the 2016-2017 season!!!
Generally an hour or so before the broadcast you can tune in!

We have been made aware of connection issues in the past few games, and have switched over to another server provider, CASTER.FM.  If you experience issues, please email us at info@opendoorvisions.com so we are aware of the issues.  We may not be able to remedy the issue DURING the broadcast, but can try other servers, in the future.  Thank you!
CLICK HERE FOR THE WTRN BROADCAST pls FILE http://shaincast.caster.fm (this link only works during the event broadcast times)

  • If the above link does not work, try http://opendoorvisions.caster.fm
  • Click on the player window at the top, and select your player settings in the upper rightscreen-shot-2016-10-14-at-6-30-01-pm


Wanna record the game? Try googling for a Stream Ripper stationripper is a good one for pc’s and I’ve used streamripperx on a mac.Other versions may offer the ability to set a timed recording, just in case you’re not at home. Take some time to find one you like
We now have 5,000 connections at one time. To listen to the broadcast you may need an application that can handle online streaming playlists.The following applications are some for the FREE players that can play the streaming audio.

itunes/QuickTime RealPlayer Winamp Musicmatch Jukebox
mac / pc mac / pc pc pc
download site download site download site download site

Have fun, and once again, thanks for visiting the site. If you have any feedback on the online streaming games, you may visit our online discussion boards and post any ideas you may have. Thanks, tyronePA.com

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