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Tyrone-Snyder Township Library announces this year’s eighth annual library concert fundraiser

Charlie Thomas and The Drifters
The Marcels and Chuck Banas, library concert chairman

The Tyrone-Snyder Township Public Library has all of the contracts signed and dates reserved for this year’s big eighth annual library fund raising concert, which will be held on Saturday evening, May 2, 2009 at the Tyrone Area High School Auditorium.
In addition to having what appears to be the biggest and best concert that the library has brought to our community, the library board of directors wanted to be able to help area residents provide their friends with a great, as well as unique, Christmas gift this year. Tickets to the eighth annual library concert will be available to be purchased starting December 1.
“This start date will assist many individuals who are looking for the unique Christmas gift. They will be able to actually present the tickets to this coming year’s big concert to family and friends for Christmas gifts,” stated Chuck Banas who has chaired the library fund raisers all eight years.
This year the library is proud to announce that for the very first time ever they will be delivering to the Tyrone Area High School Auditorium stage not just one featured act, but two.
“I am very pleased to announce that this year we are going to have two groups grace our stage who are members of the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame at our annual fund raising concert,” beamed Banas. “We have The Marcels and Charlie Thomas and The Drifters appearing together on stage. Both of theses groups have performed here in the past and both have had fantastic reviews. I have had numerous people over the years ask to have these groups returned. The thought was, let’s see if we can get them both together on the same card appearing the same night here in Tyrone. I am just totally thrilled that we have been able to pull this one off for the library as well as for our community,” Banas said.
Many people are well aware that one of Charlie Thomas and The Drifters all time hits is “Save the Last Dance for Me.”
“In honor of Charlie Thomas and his Drifters, we are calling this year’s concert ‘Save the Last Dance for You,’” said Banas. “So many of us can remember those Friday evenings in the high school gym when the big post football game activity was the dance in the high school gym. This year, when it comes time for Charlie Thomas and the Drifters to do this all time great hit, we are planning on stopping the show and giving all of those young at hearts in attendance a chance to get up, come down to the front of the auditorium, the back of the auditorium, or in the aisles of the auditorium and have one more chance to relive that special Friday night memory of dancing with someone who is very special,” smiled Banas. “The best part is they will be dancing to this great hit as it is being performed lived by a true legend of Rock-N-Roll. It doesn’t get too much better than that,” according to Banas.
These two groups have had the highest ticket sales and attendance ratings of any of the concerts that the library has had. Together on the same show should bring a packed auditorium to the Tyrone Area High School.
The tickets will go on sale beginning on Monday, December 1 at the following ticket outlets. These include Bressler’s Food Mart & Sports, Kopp Drug and The Tyrone-Snyder Township Public Library.
Tickets may also be ordered and purchased online this year with a new service that the library has developed. In order to call in ticket orders or get information on how to place your ticket orders online contact the library ticket phone number at 814-682-1017 during regular library business hours. If you call after hours please provide the name and a return phone number and you will be contacted as soon as the library reopens.
Cost of the tickets will remain the same as always at $30 per ticket even though this year’s card looks like it will be over the top in entertainment. The show will be on Saturday evening, May 2, 2009 at 7 p.m. at the Tyrone Area High School Auditorium.
“Corporate sponsors are currently being contacted and we are all excited about this year’s library concert. The proceeds from this fund- raiser is for the mortgage on the library building located in downtown Tyrone.
“During the next several months we will be bringing additional information including the bios on both The Marcels and Charlie Thomas and The Drifters. Right now we want to get the word out to all the surrounding areas that these tickets would make a special Christmas gift. That is why we are scrambling to get the tickets and locations up and running to meet our December 1 ticket sale start date,” concluded Banas.