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TASD announces first marking period ‘Renaissance Stars’

TASD Renaissance Stars
Tyrone Area School District first marking period Renaissance Stars include: First row, from left: Ninth grader Ashley Harker, Fifth graders Shania Kennedy and Anthony Politza, Sixth graders Drew Albright and Shannon Gearhart, and Seventh graders Mia MacNeill and Nicholas Mills. Second row, from left: Ninth grader Alexis Riggleman, Tenth graders Anthony Rodriguez and Leisha Stewart, Eleventh graders Kali Gray and MaryElyn Hunter, and Twelfth graders Katie Sherry and Ashton Snyder. Missing from the photo were Eighth graders Sarah Ammerman and Jordan Lansberry. (The Daily Herald/Kris Yaniello)

The Tyrone Area Middle and High School teachers nominated 16 students for recognition due to their outstanding academic achievement, positive attitude, or overall improvement.
The recognition is part of the school district’s “Renaissance Education Foundation,” which highlights students each marking period.
Fifth grader Shania Kennedy was chosen by her teacher Mrs. Lake. Shania has chosen to use her agenda daily which enables her to complete assignments in a timely manner. She has also invested extra effort in completing advanced level writing compositions. Her word choice and “voice” are consistently impressive and easily recognizable, said Mrs. Lake.
Fifth grader Anthony Politza was chosen by Mrs. Snyder as a Renaissance Star. Anthony is an outstanding student who reads everything he can. He handles a busy schedule well and is involved in many extra-curricular activities, including music and sports. He is a loyal friend, has a cheerful personality, and is a pleasure to teach, according to Mrs. Snyder.
Drew Albright, a sixth grader, was chosen by Mr. Bouslough. Drew is a very polite young man. He works extremely hard and participates in class. He helps other students and gets along well with everyone. Mr. Bouslough said that Drew is great to have in class.
Shannon Gearhart was selected by Mrs. Chamberlain. Shannon is an excellent student who shows a diligent work ethic. She is a caring lady who is willing to help others, making the school a better place. She participates in sports and Girl Scouts in the community. She is well rounded academically, socially, and athletically. Mrs. Chamberlain said that she is glad to have Shannon be part of the sixth grade class.
Seventh grader Mia MacNeill was chosen by Mrs. Johnson, Miss Johnston, Mrs. Gerharts, and Mr. Loth. Mia is a very conscientious seventh grade student. Her teachers said that her hard work and determination to succeed are quite evident in the classroom. She is a pleasure to have in any class because of her positive attitude and perseverance.
Nicholas Mills was chosen by seventh grade teachers Mrs. DelBaggio, Mrs. Gerharts, Miss Johnston, Mrs. Johnson, and Mr. Loth. Nick was chosen as a Renaissance Star by the seventh grade team. He is extremely conscientious and dedicated to doing well in school. His hard work and good attitude set an excellent example for his peers.
Eighth grader Sarah Ammerman was selected by the eighth grade teaching team. Sarah is focused during class and is responsible to make up work when she is absent. Sarah has also demonstrated a tremendous maturity while working in ELO classes.
Jordan Lansberry was also selected by the eighth grade teaching team. Jordan has shown progress in all of his core classes. He always puts forth his best effort, according to his teachers. Also, his interactions between peers and adults is always positive and respectful.
Ninth grader Ashley Harker has been selected as a start by her teacher Mrs. Myers. Ashley is a hard working student. She rarely complains, is always on top of her school work, and she has the best manners that Mrs. Myers has seen in a long time. She said that it is a pleasure to have Ashley is her class.
A second ninth grader, Alexis Riggleman, has been chosen by Mrs. Dobrowolsky. Alexis took an active role in raising awareness at TAHS for the 2008 presidential election and for the middle and high school mock election. On a similar note, she voluntarily served as a mediator during political discussions in advisory class, which was a very opinionated group according to Mrs. Dobrowolsky. Her empathy towards others with different views than hers was admirable. Alexis hasn’t missed a day of school since the beginning of the year.
Mrs. Holsinger and Mr. Fedore chose sophomore Anthony Rodriguez for the honor of Renaissance Star. Anthony is a great kid and his academic achievements in biology have shown that he will be very successful in any career he chooses to pursue. Anthony always strives to do his best, and is a very conscientious student who is very polite and personable with students and staff. Anthony is a pleasure to have in class, according to his teachers.
Nominated by math teacher, Ms. Haid, is Leisha Stewart. Leisha puts forth more effort than most students. She asks questions and comes for help when she needs it. She always turns in her assignments on time and completed, said her teacher.
Mrs. Taylor, health occupations teacher, chose eleventh graders Kali Gray and MaryElyn Hunter for star recognition. Kali is a very intelligent young lady with a great sense of humor. She is a model student. She is also very conscientious with her work, as well as being the first one to turn in assignments. Kali always participates in class and she is goal oriented, and consistent in her efforts. She really tries to make everyone feel included in class. It is Kali’s consistency and attempts to make everyone feel included that gave Mrs. Taylor the reason to choose her as a Renaissance Star.
MaryElyn is a great young lady with an amazing sense of humor also. She is diligent in her studies, especially in Health Tech. She participated well in class. MaryElyn is consistent in her efforts with her school work. She tries to get along with other students in class who are “out of the loop.” MaryElyn is able to see her imperfections and tries to improve herself at every turn. It’s this attempt for self improvement that is commendable, said Mrs. Taylor. With all of her strengths and her efforts to become a better person, Mrs. Taylor believes she should be recognized as a star.
Mrs. Taylor reports that Katie Sherry, a senior, is an outstanding student. Her grades are remarkable while maintaining a job. She is always easy going and never lets small things bother her. Katie has one of the best dispositions of the many students Mrs. Taylor has taught. She is always ready to help. She has great leadership skills, as seen by being the HOSA President. Katie is always good to her word. If she promises to do something, it’s as good as done. She has a great sense of humor and knows the appropriate time to use it. She gets along with everyone and she meets and tries to include others.
Senior Ashton Snyder was selected as a “star” by teacher Ms. Bettwy. Ashton has a phenomenal attitude and is an incredible leader in choir and POPS. As Ms. Bettwy’s community outreach student, she spends time outside of school doing extra work that she doesn’t even asked her to do. She has been helpful beyond words and shines to make the music and choral department the best it can be.
Congratulations to the new Renaissance Stars and their families.