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Special service honoring all veterans

Come early to write messages on Christmas cards the area National Guard Troops will take with them when they deploy to Iraq after the holidays as well as autograph one of the quilts that will also go with them.
A special service honoring all veterans, past and present, as well as the National Guard will be held Sunday, November 9 at 7 p.m. at Christ United Methodist Church.
Rev. Barry Neal invites the public to come early and take advantage of the Soldiers’ Angels project chaired by Karla Davis of Bellwood in providing the quilts and cards for persons to sign that evening. Davis, who is the PA Community Leader, will be bringing coloring books and crayons along so children can send pictures and messages for the soldiers too.
“As one of a continuing series of such services honoring our military veterans, it was felt with the recent deployment of a brigade-sized unit from Pennsylvania, honoring the ‘Guard’ at this time was most appropriate,” Pastor Neal said.
He continued, “Without glorifying conflict in which they or other veterans have been involved, the church seeks to recognize their sacrifices for God and Country.”
Rev. Neal also serves as Chaplain of the Central PA National Guard Veterans Association.
Persons who would like to share a photograph of their loved one in the Military, both past and present, are welcome to drop a picture with some information off at the church to be displayed that evening.
Also, Representative Jerry Stern’s office is preparing a certificate to be awarded to Veterans and members of the PA National Guard in recognition of their service to the United States of America. Persons interested may call Stern’s office at 684-6092 with the name, rank and brand of service.
Also, information will be available on Digest and Explanation of Act 29 of 2006 Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans’ Benefit Program as well as Military Family Relief Assistance Program in helping service members and their families in times of need.
The speaker for the evening is the Honorable Samuel Hayes, Jr., a Vietnam veteran, former Pennsylvania House Majority Whip and Secretary of Agriculture.
Hayes, and his wife Betty, of Warriors Mark are parents of two sons in the service. They include Lt. Col. Samuel Hayes III and Lee Hayes, a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. Both young men will be heading overseas in the next few months.
Special music will be provided by Anna Myers, church organist, and Pete Hedberg, who will sing patriotic songs.
Everyone is welcome to come and share in the program honoring Veterans and those men and women serving in the Armed Forces today.
Christ United Methodist Church is located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street.