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Phillips foresees river walk on ‘Little J’ at Tyrone

At the November 10 meeting of the Rotary Club of Tyrone at Joe’s Place, Gardners Candies
President Sam Phillips discussed the idea of a river walk on the Little Juniata River at Tyrone. From left, Tyrone Rotary President Terri Swann; Phillips; and Rotarian and Tyrone Area
Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Rose Black, who procured the program for the evening.

At the recent weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Tyrone, Sam Phillips, president of Gardners Candies and chair of the Tyrone Revitalization subcommittee to the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce, spoke on his vision of a river walk on the Little Juniata River at Tyrone.
Sam said the close proximity of the I-99 exit to Tyrone will encourage visitors who, in turn, will patronize local merchants. However, he envisions a river walk that will attract even more visitors.
He spoke of Carroll Creek, in Frederick, Md., which had flooded the town periodically, has been turned into a lovely park. The park was modeled after the world-famous River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, with a number of restaurants, condos, and shops sprouting along the creek — just on a smaller scale. The result: many more visitors to Frederick, and business is booming.
Of course, the river walk envisioned for the Little J won’t approach the size and complexity of that of Frederick, but a path along the river with plantings and other decorations will go a long way in beautifying the town. The path might eventually connect to a rail-trail to Warriors Mark along with a trail to Altoona. And there’s a possibility that a motel/hotel would be built that backs up to the river walk.
Sam wants to get more people involved to discuss possibilities and hopes to get a committee together in the next few weeks.