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NBRC Winter Youth Leagues

We continue to highlight the Northern Blair Recreation Center Winter Youth Basketball Leagues. Along with this week’s results, we present the teams and rosters for the Third/Fourth Grade League.
Tyrone Kiwanis with Hunter Anderson, Jacob Meredith, Elizabeth Alexander, Bryce Bauer, Drew Johnston, Shayla Branstetter, Keaton Branstetter and Grace Gensimore.
Graystone Court with Dylan Thomas, Reilly Ronan, Alexis Parson, Noel Politza, Noah Sanner, Derek Wilson, Tristan Zeiders and Andrew Lang.
Attorney Fred Miller with Hayley Wagner, Payton Wagner, Madison Miller, Levi Railing, Trent Walker, Noah Welsh, Hunter Jackson and Amy Norris.
DelGrosso Foods with Tessa Crider, Alexis Cannistraci, Jarron Bower, Christina Hollen, Blake Johnston, Gavin Crispell, Parker Mitchell, and Matthew Davis.
Makdads with Erin McKenna, Chloe Makdad, Armand Futrell, Carter Johnson, Grant Beeler, Robert VanKirk, Tommy Whiteford and Joe Kohler.
ProCare with Zachary Jamison, Gary Weaver, Logan Felker, Jacob Hoover, Brandon Albright, Alexander Hale, Stevie Hanzir and Kyra Woomer.
Stiffler, McGraw and Associates with Mike Lewis, Sierra Robison, Braydon Laudenslager, Colby Pannebaker, Jack Showalter, Madison Kramer, Tanner Worthing and Brian Gunter.
Third/Fourth Grade League
In week 2 action in the Third/Fourth grade, Tyrone Kiwanis (2-0) won their second straight game, defeating ProCare 24-15, with Jacob Meredith scoring a league-best 16 points for the winners. Logan Felker led ProCare (0-1) with seven markers.
In a low-scoring contest, Stiffler, McGraw and Assoc. (2-0) downed Makdads (1-1) 6-2. Colby Pannebaker led Stiffler, McGraw and Assoc. with three points, while Tommy Whiteford had both of Makdads points.
In the final game, DelGrosso Foods (1-1) evened their record with a 24-19 triumph over Fred Miller Attorney. Tessa Crider and Alexis Cannistraci shared high-scoring honors for DelGrosso Foods (2-0), with eight points each. Fred Miller Attorney (0-2) got 12 points from Levi Railing.
League Standings
Stiffler, McGraw and Assoc. 2-0
Tyrone Kiwanis 2-0
DelGrosso Foods 1-1
Makdads 1-1
ProCare 0-1
Graystone Courts 0-1
Atty. Fred Miller 0-2
Fifth/Sixth Grade League
Jeff Long Construction (2-0) defeated New Pig Corporation 27-16 in the second of two league contests to become the first 2-0 team in the Fifth/Sixth Grade League. Nathaniel Soellner scored eight points for Jeff Long, and Blake Brooks’ six points fronted New Pig (0-2).
In the first game reported, Nothin’ But Net’s Nathan Davis scored a Rec Center best for the day with 18 points, but Luther Pest Control (1-0) started on a high note with a a 30-22 win over Nothin’ But Net. Anastasia Hollen led the winners with a dozen points.
League Standings
Jeff Long Construction 2-0
Luther Pest Control 1-0
Marianna Foods 1-0
Nothin’ But Net 0-2
New Pig Corporation 0-2
Schedule for Nov. 22
First/Second Grade League
8 a.m. NBCRC vs. Joshua House 10 p.m. Shoefly vs. Grannys Restaurant
9 a.m. Ferguson’s vs. Mayes Memorials
Third/Fourth Grade league
11 a.m. ProCare vs. Stiffler, NcGraw and Assoc. 1 p.m. Tyrone Kiwanis vs. DelGrosso Foods
12 p.m. Att. Fred Miller vs. Graystone Court
Fifth/Sixth Grade League