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NBRC Winter Youth Leagues

We complete our list of the Northern Blair Recreation Center Winter Youth Leagues teams. Along with this week’s results, we present the teams and rosters for the Fifth/Sixth Grade League.
Jeff Long Construction with Jacqueline Finn, Erin Kephart, Christian Nagle, Nathaniel Soellner, Zack Soellner, Kristi Carroll, Tristan Lingafelt, Noah D’Angelo and Meredith McMantis.
Nothin’ But Net with Nathan Davis, Abbey Crider, Alexis Broadbent, Anthony Politza, Anna Wolfe, Elijah DeHaven, Shane Geis, Johanna Shortridge and Ian Schmoke.
Luther Pest Control with Devin Burr, Jake Burch, Samantha Aungst, Stevie Lucas, Jeffrey McNelis, Amber Reese, Anastasia Hollen, Brett Loudenslager and Issac Mills.
New Pig Corporation with Blake Brooks, Tyson Miller, Jordan Rhone, Maria Scipioni, Bailey Smith, Cassie Davis, Dakota Fink, Chad Luensmann, Madison Noll and Preston Mitchell.
Marianna Foods with Finnley Christine, Adam Osborne, Tyler Schultz, Emily Hoover, Marl Lewis, Cory Parson, Zak Taylor, Larry Kobuck and Marissa Sprankle.
Third/Fourth Grade League
Stiffler, McGraw and Associates (3-0) picked up a 14-4 win over Graystone Courts. Braydon Loudenslager and Brian Gunter led the winners with four points each and Derek Wilson and Tristan Zeiders each scored two points for Graystone Courts (0-2).
In the second contest, Jacob Meredith scored 15 points to lead Tyrone Kiwanis to a 21-6 victory over Makdads. Robert VanKirk scored four points for Makdads (1-2) and Tommy Whiteford added two markers.
In the closest contest of the 5th/6th grade circuit, Stevie Hanzir scored 10 points and Zachery Jamison added three points to lead ProCare (1-1) to a 15-9 win over Attorney Fred Miller (0-3). Noah Welsh scored three points for Att. Fred Miller.
League Standings
Stiffler, McGraw and Assoc. 3-0
Tyrone Kiwanis 3-0
DelGrosso Foods 1-1
ProCare 1-1
Makdads 1-2
Graystone Courts 0-2
Att. Fred Miller 0-3
Fifth/Sixth Grade League
In the closest score of the day, Nothin’ But Net (1-2) used 11 points by Nathan Davis and four by Anthony Politza to pick up their first win of the season over Marianna Foods 19-15. Marianna Foods (1-1) was led by Finnley Christine with six points and Adam Osborne with five.
Nathaniel Soellner cranked in 15 points and Jaqueline Finn added 12 scores to lead Jeff Long Construction past Luther Pest Control 33-22, to remain undefeated. Anastasia Hollen led Luther Pest Control with seven points and Issac Mills had six points.
League Standings
Jeff Long Construction 3-0
Luther Pest Control 1-1
Marianna Foods 1-1
Nothin’ But Net 1-2
New Pig Corporation 0-2
Schedule for Nov. 29
Furst/Second Grade League
8:00 a.m. Grannys Restaurant vs. NBCRC
9:00 a.m. DeGols vs. Fergusons
10:00 a.m. Mayes Memorials vs. Joshua House
Third/Fourth Grade League
11:00 a.m. ProCare vs. Makdads
12:00 p.m. DelGrosso Foods vs. Graystone Courts
1:00 p.m. Stiffler, McGraw and Assoc. vs. Att. Fred Miller
Fifth/Sixth Grade League
2:00 p.m. Marianna Foods vs. Jeff Long Construction
3:00 p.m. New Pig Corp. vs. Luther Pest Control