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Letter to Sports Editor

To the Sports Editor
Dear Bob,
How do we begin to thank you and the towns of Tyrone and Bellwood for everything that has been done for our family. The Tyrone and Bellwood sports programs meant so much to Steve over the years, and we have heard from every one of them. We are so grateful.
The tribute in the Herald that you did on the day he died, Kris Yaniello’s article before the Tyrone-Bellwood game, and the letters in the paper from John Harlow and Jeff McNelis overwhelmed us. We were brought comfort and strength from all of these.
To the TAHS football team’s coaches, we want you to know that the game ball was shown to every doctor, nurse, visitor, cleaning people, technicians, etc. on the palliative care unit at the Altoona Hospital. The game ball went with Steve, because it meant so much to him, and brought such happiness in his last days.
I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of tributes that have come in the form of cards, calls, visits, and donations to the sports program, and I say THANK YOU!
We will continue to cover all the sports that he covered, and Michaels Photography will continue to photograph the Tyrone and Bellwood youth and high school sports teams. I know that if we don’t continue to do the best for “the kids,” there will be a great bolt from the heavens!
Steve will continue to live in our hearts and he will always be supporting the youth of Tyrone and Bellwood.

God Bless,
Mary Michaels and family