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X-3 Clean: How clean are you?

Sicknesses in local schools have increased throughout this time of year, but a local football coach has proven a case that could change everything.
Throughout the past two years, Tyrone football coach, Chuck Banas, has brought X-3 Clean, a foaming hand sanitizer, to the locker room and various schools around the area to try and prevent sickness during the cold season in fall.
Most infections such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Herpes type one, Salmonella typhimurium and Human coronavirus (related to SARS), are spread through hand-to-hand contact. Some of these infections may cause serious sickness, or even death. With the X-3 Clean, death is not an option, neither is sickness. This product is a non-alcoholic hand-sanitizer that continues to work after the wash occurs, which kills bacteria that is touched by the user’s hands. The X-3 Clean is now found in several schools and many athletes are now acquainted with their own personal bottles, just like the Tyrone football team is currently doing.
“In 2002 we had a very horrible breakout of some type of sickness on the team,” Tyrone football’s assistant head coach, Chuck Banas stated. “At the end of conditioning camp, the kids were terribly sick, placing four starters in the hospital, one of which stayed for 12 days, losing 20 pounds. The question was: How do we fix this? John Franco asked me to find a way to solve the problem, and now each individual player has their on personal bottle of the X-3 Clean. The past two years, we have not had any type of sickness arise on our team.”
The X-Clean foaming hand-sanitizer contains the powerful active ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride, which is a quaternary ammonium compound (QUAT) that destroy bacteria by destroying outer membranes and dissolving the bacteria. QUATs kill the virus by binding their external coats, preventing normal function or even denaturing their protective coatings. They are highly effective, quick-acting germicidal agents that are not toxic in any form to humans or animals.
After last year’s scare with MRSA and a few years back with SARS, Banas decided it was best that the school districts all over the United States should be supplied with the X-3 Clean hand-sanitizer to prevent these illnesses from occurring.
“We have distributed the X-3 Clean to several schools in the area, Pennsylvania and around the United States. It’s becoming more popular because of the non-alcoholic aspect of the sanitizer. Schools did not use the old sanitizers because of the alcohol content, now they have a chance to prevent these infections from spreading throughout their school. The X-3 Clean is a hand-sanitizer that is odorless, paperless and non-alcoholic, which is one of the primary reasons that schools, prisons and families have chosen this product,” he said.
The X-3 Clean foaming hand-sanitizer comes in different sizes: wall mount (2,000 washings); mini-sprays (900 washings); personal (200 washings); countertop (2,000 washings) and a gallon (8,000 washings). With the use of the sanitizer, a washing is equivalent to $.00013, which is a bargain to prevent sickness.
The sanitizer is now mopped on floors of wrestling mats to prevent impetigo, which is very common during the winter seasons for high school athletes. The X-3 Clean kills the germs and infections that could be on the mat and is 99.99 percent effective in preventing it to spread.
“Day cares, health spas, hair salons, they all use it,” Banas spoke of the X-3 Clean. “With the non-alcoholic feature within the X-3 and the action it takes to kill these germs, the product is perfect for these businesses because of the children and their curiosity.”
The X-3 Clean has proven its case with the Tyrone football program as the kids use sanitizer before and after practice, which prevents athlete’s foot, sickness and germs being spread throughout the locker room after a hard practice. It isn’t noticeable, but kids touch each other a lot after coming out of the shower or after washing their hands. The germs spread instantly, but with the squirt of the X-3 Clean, the germs die within the shake of a hand or a pat on the back because of its continuous cleaning ability after the X-3 is applied.
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