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Shorts’ rehearsals

‘Belinda’s Blind Date’
Alicia Rodriguez and Kyle Yoder rehearse their portion, “Belinda’s Blind Date”, of the Tyrone Community Players’ production of “Shorts”, to be held in the Parish Hall of St. Matthew’s Church this Saturday, Oct. 11, and Sunday, October 12. For additional information, curtain times and reservations, phone the ArtsLine at 684-ART2. (Courtesy photo)
Shorts’ rehearsals
The cast of the Tyrone Community Players’ production of “Shorts”, an evening of one act plays, has been rehearsing for six weeks to regale you with a varied evening consisting of comedy, satire and drama. Kyle Yoder, Alicia Rodriguez, Sara Fink, Don Lindsey and Kathy Fink invite you to share their excitement for “Belinda’s Blind Date”, “The Actress and the IRS”, “Asleep On The Wind” and “A Little Something For The Ducks”. (Courtesy photo)
‘A Little Something for the Ducks’
“A Little Something For The Ducks”, the final offering in the Tyrone Community Players’ evening of one act plays entitled “Shorts”, portrays an unlikely, but poignant friendship between two lonely, older people who meet strictly by happenstance. Starring in this play are Kathy Fink and Don Lindsey, both TCP veterans last seen in “Oliver”. (Courtesy photo)