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Grier downs Mercersburg

The Grier School (3-2) swept all four singles matches and added one of three doubles to earn a 5-2 victory over Mercersburg Academy at Mercersburg, on Thursday. After opening the season 0-2, this was the third straight win for The Grier School.
Maria Ventosa, Lindsey Pryor, Kelly Griffen and Zoya Ahmad won singles matches and Adamou and Chen combined for a win at No. Two doubles.
Grier School 5 Mercersburg Academy 2
Maria Ventosa (GS) def. Julie Dahbura 8-0.
Lindsey Pryor (GS) def. Claire Sabol 8-2.
Kelly Griffin (GS) def. Jordan Fox 8-2.
Zoya Ahmed (GS) def. Temvelo Masuku 9-7.
Stover/Neal (MA) def. Seidler/O’Malley 8-4.
Adamou/Chen (GS) def. Simonis/Kim 8-2.
Von Chaubert/Jun (MA) def. Hania/Spell 8-2.