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From The Mayor’s Perspective

The smell of fall is in the air! What a special time of the year we are entering right now. There really is nothing like Pennsylvania in the fall. I am excited to see the leaves turn all of those beautiful colors.
Hopefully you are reading this in the morning so you can get out and enjoy Farm City Day sponsored by the Rotary Club located on Pennsylvania Avenue. There will be over 80 booths offering an array of goodies for everyone. Congratulations to the Rotary Club for putting on such a fine event for the community year after year.
I would like to wish the soldiers and their families from our local armory the best of luck in the upcoming year. September 24th was a monumental day for our community as we were able to properly send off our troops. It was amazing to see all of you line the streets and fill the football stadium in honor of these men. September 24th was dedicated as Det. 1 Charlie Company 112th Infantry Stryker Unit Day in Tyrone. I commend our community for such a tremendous response.
It is now one month from Election Day! There is excitement in the air as it seems like everyone is talking about this election. I cannot encourage you enough to get out and vote. There are serious issues being dealt with and it really is one side of the fence or another. These candidates represent specific directions for our nation. Both candidates and their running mates stand for something, so the question is what is the most important for you? The economy is such a focus, but it can’t be your only deciding point. The president can only do so much when dealing with the House and Senate. One of the most important issues in my eyes is where they stand on life. The next president will probably place several judges on the Supreme Court. It will truly make a difference for the direction of America as we know it. Do you stand for life or the choice to take a life? I know you are taking this election very seriously, our country is in your hands.
Well, I hope to see you at one of our council meetings (6th & 13th at 7 p.m.). We will be discussing important issues in the upcoming months. The borough has hired Castleberry and Associates to give us an evaluation of the watershed in hope to gain greater understanding of the feasibility of windmills and gas drilling. We have appreciated the community voicing their opinions and now we are trying to gather some more expert analysis to help us make a proper decision.
This Tuesday the Neighborhood Watch group will be meeting at Joshua House Community Center on 10th Street and introducing Vilo the police’s K-9 Drug Dog. I hope you can make it. On that note, the chief has seen a dramatic decline in heroin use in our community. I applaud our police force and the hard work they do, but I also applaud you, our concerned residents. You have been a significant help by calling the office or the Push Out the Pusher Hotline. Keep up the good work. Let’s work together to make this the most pleasant place to live.
As always, please send me your comments or thoughts on how to make Tyrone a greater place to live, work and play.
Jim Kilmartin
Mayor of Tyrone