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Family Readiness Group and National Guard soldiers thank town for support

On Wednesday, September 24, the town truly came out in overwhelming numbers to support the area soldiers from Det. 1 Charlie Company 2-112th Infantry (SBCT) for what’s expected to be the last deployment from the Tyrone Armory.
A parade started at the Tyrone Armory and concluded with a ceremony at Gray-Veterans Field.
On Thursday, September 25, the local National Guard troops were deployed.
Missy Kissell, Family Readiness Group President for the Tyrone Armory, wanted to thank everyone who made the day such a success, whether it was during the planning stages or during the actual day of the parade and ceremony.
She wanted to especially thank: Mayor James Kilmartin, The Daily Herald employees and Virgie Werner, Blair Sign, Patriot Riders, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Upper Spruce Creek Presbyterian Church, Soldiers Angels for paying for the meals at the luncheon, G&R Excavating for donating flags, Clems BBQ, Martin Foods for donating desserts for the luncheon, Korean War Veterans, Armed Forces Mothers, Tyrone Area School District, Tyrone Area Marching Band, Tyrone POPS Extension, Mary Brunner and the John R. Wald Defense Employees, Vietnam War Veterans, Cub Scout Pack 320, Boy Scout Troop 20, Samuel Hayes Jr., Lt. Col. Samuel Hayes III, Logan Beverage for donating water, Tyrone American Legion, Tyrone VFW, Tyrone Fire Police, fire companies, and the local businesses for closing for an hour during the parade.
She also wanted to thank the offices of Congressman Bill Shuster, Representative Jerry Stern, Senator John Eichelberger and Representative Mike Fleck for sending speakers to the ceremony at the field.
After the parade and ceremony, a private luncheon for the soldiers and their families was held. Kissell added that a special thanks needs to go out to the ladies of the Tyrone American Legion Auxiliary for helping with the luncheon – from everything to donating the drinks, to helping set up and serving the meals.
She wanted to thank all the area veterans who came out that day to stand in the line at Gray-Veterans Field for the ceremony.
“That almost brought tears to my eyes,” she said about seeing the soldiers walk through the line of veterans at the field.
The banner at the field was completely signed by supporters and taken by the soldiers to Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and they will also be taking it to Baghdad to hang it up in the barracks there to remind them of back home.
The soldiers from Det. 1 Charlie Company 2-112th Infantry (SBCT), the Family Readiness Group and the families of the soldiers would like to most of all thank the town and the people.
“The outpouring of support was just unbelievable,” explained Kissell. “For a family member like myself that has a soldier deployed, it made me feel comforted to get the town’s support.”
She added, “The soldiers kept saying about that, how wonderful it was for this town to actually close, to give up an hour of their business, to come out. It was amazing.”
Right now, the soldiers are getting settled in at Camp Shelby and are scheduled to come home at Christmas-time for a week. They will be shipping out January 10, 2009 for Baghdad. The soldiers should be there until September 2009.
The Family Readiness Group in partnership with area businesses will be planning upcoming events and activities, so watch The Daily Herald for details.
Also, when the soldiers travel to Iraq in January, the Family Readiness Group will be collecting needed items and sending the boxes to the soldiers. Any items donated at that time would be greatly appreciated.