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Tyrone native to participate in Farm/City Day book signing at Tyrone History Museum

This year Farm/City Day is moving back to downtown Tyrone and the Tyrone Area Historical Society will be apart of the festivities.
A booth will be set up along Pennsylvania Avenue, but a special event will take place at the Tyrone History Museum.
Four local authors will be on hand for a book signing under canopies outside, weather permitting.
The authors include Jeffrey L. Adams, Paula Zitzler, David Seidel and Mike Bezilla along with Luther Gette.
Adams, 48, is a Tyrone native, graduating from Tyrone High School in 1978.
His book is titled Tyrone and is a part of Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series.
Adams said his interest in local history started at an early age, when he was eight-years-old.
As a local historian, he spent countless hours researching the people of the Juniata region, particularly those of Tyrone.
The images that appear in the book have been collected by Adams over a 35-year span.
R. Curt Chinnici, a collaborating author and editor, has published articles on early-American lighting and on the early marble industry outside of Philadelphia.
Set in the endless hills of central Pennsylvania, Tyrone became known as the gateway to the Alleghenies. The Little Juniata River flowed through it, connecting Tyrone to communities in the Logan, Bald Eagle and Juniata Valleys.
Since its founding in 1851, Tyrone’s central position also made it known as the “Hub of the Highways.” Its advantageous location allowed the Pennsylvania Railroad Company to establish a railroad terminus to bring coal, iron, grain and lumber to market.
In a previous article, Adams said, “My reason for wanting to put together this book is the result of events that took place many years ago.
“As a youth, I worked for many of the elderly in town who had been prominent in the business community and their colorful stories of the community in ‘the old days’ put me on a path of discovery.”
The book features over 200 vintage photographs which help take readers down memory lane, from Tyrone’s time as a railroad terminus to today’s charming community.
According to Adams, the book focuses on the people; many who were immigrants or their descendants who worked hard to create a community in a new country.
Spanning a 150-year timeline Tyrone features a combination of vintage postcards, images and photographs from famous Tyrone photographer R. K. Bonine, and in 128 pages chronicles the rich history of this community and the towns and villages that share its valleys.
Zitzler, Seidel and Bezilla and Gette’s books will also be featured this week in The Daily Herald.