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Tyrone Hospital receives donation for interim care program

Recent donation
A Tyrone family anonymously donated gift bags for distribution to patients who are admitted to Tyrone Hospital’s Interim Care program. The Interim Care program provides short term inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. Pictured with some of the items from the gift bags donated are, from left: Abigail Becker, representing the Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary; Shelley Hanczar, OTR Manager of ProCare Rehabilitation at Tyrone Hospital and Annette Lynn, Case Manager and Director of Social Services, as they look at the contents of the gift bags. The family that donated the gift bags made the donation in memory of their deceased parents and plan to provide the bags to Interim Care patients on an ongoing basis. (Courtesy photo)

A Tyrone family has donated gift bags to Tyrone Hospital for distribution to patients that are admitted to the hospital’s Interim Care program.
The Interim Care program provides short term inpatient rehabilitation and skilled nursing care. The program helps meet the needs of people who have been hospitalized and are no longer acutely ill but are not quite ready to care for themselves at home.  Examples of people who may benefit from Interim Care include those who have had surgery, joint replacement, stroke, or other illnesses or injuries.
The gift bag donors, who wish to remain anonymous, said they wanted to do something for others in memory of their deceased parents. When they learned about Tyrone Hospital’s Interim Care program, they decided to provide something specifically for those patients. Their goal was to provide a gift that would be cozy and homey and would help patients relax and pass the time when they are not in rehab therapy sessions.
The gift bags contain a variety of items including a hand crocheted blanket, slippers, a lap robe, magazine, notepad and pen, word puzzles, and comb. One of the bags will be provided to each Interim Care patient. The family plans to work with the Tyrone Hospital Auxiliary to provide the gift bags on an ongoing basis.
Walter Van Dyke, Chief Executive Officer at Tyrone Hospital, said the gift bags are a very thoughtful donation and a generous contribution for patients.
“It will add a personal touch to our patients’ experience and it will certainly make a positive impression when the bags are presented and patients are told that it is a gift from a family in our community.”
The family has also donated artwork to help decorate the Interim Care patient rooms. Since Interim Care patients are not acutely ill, the rooms for these patients have a different appearance compared to a standard inpatient room. They are painted in bold colors and have other features that give the room a homier feel.