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Tyrone Area School Board reviews staff elections and resignations at work session

The Tyrone Area School Board (TASB) held its September work session last evening at the elementary school in the midst of the district’s second week of the 2008-09 school year.
Board members Peter Dutrow and Ray Detwiler were absent from the meeting.
On the board’s proposed September agenda was numerous staff elections and resignations. Board members met behind closed doors prior to the work session to interview candidates for the position of Director of Curriculum Instruction PreK-12. It is an Act 93, full-time position carrying the assignment of 260 contract days, five days per week, for seven and one half hours a day. The full benefit job is expected to pay in the range of $70k to $77k, depending on the qualifications of the hired applicant.
The district abolished the position of assistant superintendent last school year. Board members are expected to approve a hired applicant and salary wage at its Tuesday, September 9 regular session.
Board members reviewed a number of resignations that will be up for approval next week. Two cafeteria workers, Sandra D. McClellan and Debra Romano, both put in their resignations effective in August 13 and 22. Julie Harden also put in her resignation as Junior High Assistant Softball Coach, effective August 20.
Other resignation seeking acceptance from the board includes: Intervention Specialist and Secondary Mathematics Teacher Mindy Henderson Boyce; Behind-the-Wheel Driver Education Instructor James Butler; Title 1 Paraprofessional Angela J. Diebold; Health Occupations Program Assistant/Mentor Amy Julian; Learning Support Paraprofessional Patricia E. Lowery; and Learning Support Paraprofessional Mary Stimer.
The board will also look to approve the following elections to coaching positions: Stephen Johnson as Junior High Assistant Football Coach at the stipend of $1,100; Erin M. Falce as Girls’ Assistant Soccer Coach at the stipend of $1,050; and Jim Cushion as Girls’ Head Volleyball Coach at the stipend of $2,100.
Also up for board approval next week is the hiring of Gianita Patton and Joshua Hicks to the non-union contract position of day-to-day substitute. The position is five days per week for seven and one half hours a day, at the rate of $90 each day for 185 contract days, with no benefits.
Other elections seeking acceptance include: Joanna B. Turner to the position of Special Education Paraprofessional; Maria E. Wagner to the position of Special Education/Autistic Paraprofessional; Julie M. Anderson as a Reading Professional; and Diana L. Hample as the Pre-K Counts Secretary.
The Special Education/Autistic Paraprofessional position is funded through IDEA-B, and the Pre-K Counts Secretary job is funded through the Pre-K Counts grant. The other positions are paid by the school district.
The school district looks to make the following adjustments in salaries to three staff member, pending board approval. Business Education Teacher, Linda J. Hilling, will increase her district funded salary of $17,059 to $17,459, giving credit for a Master’s Degree.
Title 1 Coordinator and Literacy Coach, Janice-ann Yoder’s Title 1 grant position will include a $5,000 stipend for the 2008-09 school year, with 30 additional days at the rate of $21.25 per hour. Early Childhood Coordinator and Instructional Coach, Renee Jamison’s Pre-K Counts grant position will also include a $5,000 stipend, with 25 additional days at the rate of $21.25 per hour.
Other agenda items waiting for approval by the board include Ronald Fedore to serve as mentor for Louise Seidel, Special Education Teacher, at the stipend of $515, and Guidance Counselor Gail Nale for participation in Dismissal Duty at the special service fee of $515.
Board member and Educational Programs and Materials Committee Chairperson Peter Dutrow, will also be seeking board approval to the Professional Education Report, which is a component of the district’s Strategic Plan.
The TASB’s regular session will be held Tuesday, September 9 at 7 p.m. at the Tyrone Area Elementary School.