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Spotlight on Miles Financial Services. Inc.

Randy and Jan Miles Many people may know Randy Miles and his wife Jan because of their involvement in the community through the Rotary Club of Tyrone.
People might also recognize Randy as the chairperson of the Tyrone Hospital Development Council, as he is in charge of various fundraisers held throughout the year.
What some may not be as familiar with is Randy and Jan’s company, Miles Financial Services, Inc., located at 1222 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 202 in Tyrone, which is in the upstairs section of the I-99 Antiques building.
Randy is the vice-president and client relationship manager of the business, and Jan is the president.
Jan is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable. She also is responsible for developing quotes for group health, dental and vision insurance products for the entire agency.
Two years ago, Sandi Delgrosso and Bud Boom affiliated with Miles Financial Services. Sandi specializes in group insurances only. In addition to insurance products, Bud is actively establishing a clientele of financial advisory clients.
Randy began his career nearly 28 years ago in the insurance business, becoming an independent consultant in 1996. He attributes his success over the years to his disciplined approach at building client relationships.
“People want and expect unbiased, objective advice when it comes to their money,” said Randy. “They want facts and I believe if asked, most would agree this is what distinguishes my work and why they remain as clients. I learned a long time ago the truth in the axiom ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’.”
Although the employee benefits side of the practice remains strong and continues to grow, most of Randy’s time is spent monitoring client accounts.
“We service several 401(k) retirement plans for businesses throughout central PA and as that business has grown, so has the number of people that are retiring,” he said. “Hence they want and need to continue our relationship established while working. Rollover IRAs are a very big part of my advisory business.”
In today’s age of instant news and up to the minute market information, it’s important that people understand how to digest all they hear and read in the various media outlets.
“Keeping people on track with their goals and objectives while trying to put the ‘media noise’ in perspective is much of a what a typical review consists of today.”
Those who would like to speak with Randy for more on what he does or how he might be able to help with your financial concerns may call him at 684-7603 ext. 101 or email at