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New playground equipment for Tyrone elementary students

Students at Tyrone Area Elementary School received an early Christmas present.
When school opened this year, the students had a big surprise waiting at recess, with new equipment set up between the two playgrounds.
The old playground equipment will stay in place, but PTO president Lynn Johnson said it just wasn’t big enough.
Previously, each grade level had to take turns using the equipment, plus fourth graders were just too big for it all together.
With the new equipment, all students will be able to enjoy climbing and sliding at recess. Other new items such as basketballs, playground balls, jump ropes and more were also a part of the new addition.
A ribbon cutting ceremony was held early in the school year, conducted by Johnson, for the new equipment which was funded by a joint effort from the PTO, YMCA and a preschool grant.
One students from each grade was chosen to “christen” the slide and then the students helped cut the large orange and black ribbon.
Johnson credited preschool director Renee Jamison as being instrumental in choosing the equipment
“And our principal Mrs. Russell was very supportive,” added Johnson.
Besides the new playground equipment, there is also a walking track, which has been added in the grassy area behind the school building, next to the playground.
The track will provide an excellent opportunity for students to get exercise and will be available for the community to use in the evenings.
“We hope to continue to expand on the playground over the next two years,” said Johnson.
Additional fund raisers will be held to help with future expansion.