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Mark Frailey now permitted to have ‘contact’ with ‘victim’

A former Tyrone Area School District police officer who was sentenced in 2004 on two counts of corruption of a minor, will be allowed to have contact with the female now that she is 20 years old.
Mark Cummins Frailey, 45, offered no contest pleas to the corruption charges and was sentenced to time served in jail and to be on probation for a period of five years. It had been charged that he had relations with the then minor female who was a student at Tyrone Area High School.
One of the conditions of Frailey’s probation was that he could not have contact with the female.
Now that Casey Bonsell is 20 years old, Frailey petitioned the Huntingdon County Court to modify the probation order so the two would be able to have “contact” with each other.
The petition to the court was filed by Attorney Stephanie Cooper of Bellefonte on behalf of Frailey, formerly of Spruce Creek, and Bonsell.
The attorney pointed out in the petition that a special condition of the parole was that Frailey was not allowed to have any contact (verbal, electronic, phone, physical or third party) with Bonsell.
“Casey Bonsell is now 20 years old and of legal age,” Cooper wrote in the petition.
She indicated that Frailey and Bonsell “desire to have contact with each other.”
Tuesday afternoon, Cooper met with Judge Stewart Kurtz in his chambers to discuss the petition. There was no formal proceeding in the courtroom, but when Cooper left his office, Judge Kurtz told The Daily Herald, “I am going to grant that motion.”
It also may be recalled that Frailey, for a brief period of time, was a candidate for sheriff of Huntingdon County.
His petitions were challenged, and he was not allowed to have his name on the Republican primary ballot.