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Labor Day Picnic winners announced

The Tyrone Area Community Labor Day Picnic, held at Reservoir Park last week, was once again a huge success.
One of the highlights of the day was the children’s land games, pool games and eating contests. Games were divided into several different age categories and first, second and third place prizes were awarded within each age group.
In the balloon stomp, age two to four category, Oakley Weigand took first place with Emma Wertz and Megan Yeager taking second and third. Ages five to seven was won by Lauren Taylor with second and third going to Kelsey Johnson and Gracey Walk. Stevie Lucas came in first in the eight to 12 category with Beth Berry in second and Elias Kreuzberger in third. In the 13 and up category, Victoria Hoover took first place, Jordan Miller took second and Shannon Gearhart took third.
Oakley Weigand won first place in the peanut scramble, two to four category. Lindsey Parks and Reagan Irons took second and third. Lauren Taylor won in the five to seven age group with Eric Reader taking second. In the ages eight to 12 group, Remington Steele was first, Gabe Hoover took second and Sara Wilson took third. Brandon Gripp, Dakota Light and Heather Whalen won in the 13 and over category.
The hot potato contest was a lot of fun, with Christopher Davis, Reagan Irons and Dakota Davis all placing in the two to four-year-old category. Ages five to seven winners included Gracey Walk taking home first place and Kelsey Johnson taking third. Donavan Oswald took first for the eight to 12-year-olds and Beth Berry and Bobbi Kasic also placed. Jordan Miller took top honors in the 13 and over age group with Ryan Fink and Victoria Hoover in second and third.
The peanut race consisted of teams of four and the first place winners for the youngsters was the team of Emma Wertz, Christopher Davis and Balin Hand. Second place went to Jaylee Shuke, Lindsey Parks, Olivia Ewing and Braden Ewing. Conner Wertz, Jacob Taylor, Aden McCracken and Jacob Orr took first place in the five to seven category. Second place went to Kelsey Johnson, Cameron Brandt, Nathan Walk and Titus Kreuzberger while third place was Isaac Parks, Damon Gripp, Madelyn Diebold and Mikayla Cheslock. In the eight to 12 age group, the team of Bobbi Kasic, Beth Berry and Matthew Brenneman took first with Dakota Light, Stevie Lucas, Brittney Sessaman and Ben Branstetter in second and Natasha Hoover and Rachel Steele in third. The 13 and up group winners were Heather Whalen, Garrett Cooper, Russell Solt and Travis Johnson. Second place went to Jordan Miller, Brandon Gripp, Jason Schopp and Ryan Fink.
Duck race winners were Christopher Davis, Emma Wertz and Haley Yeager for the two to four-year-olds; Madelyn Diebold, Damon Gripp and Mikayla Cheslock for the five to seven age group; Kyle Seeger, Mikayla Diebold and Beth Berry in the eight to 12 age category and Kayla Johnson, Ryan Fink and Jason Schopp for the 12 and up group.
In the afternoon, pool games were held at the outdoor swimming pool. In the swimming race, Madison Yothers took first place for the five to seven-year olds with Nathan Walk and Madelyn Diebold in second and third. For ages eight to 12, Jesse Branstetter took first with Skylar Rudasill in third. The second place winner’s name was not available. Travis Johnson took first in the 13 and up category with Anthony Eigs and Mikayla Fisher taking second and third.
In the scavenger hunt, participants had to scour the park looking for a variety of items listed. Prizes for participating in the scavenger hunt included scooters. Winners were Rebekah Sprankle (2-4), Kelsey Johnson (5-7), Skylar Rudasill (8-12) and Mikayla Fisher (13 and up). Scooters were donated by the Rotary Club of Tyrone.
The eating contests are always a big hit and this year’s watermelon and pie eating contests were no exception.
Watermelon eating contest winners were Hayden Dixon, Emma Wertz and Rebecca Sprankle two to four-year-olds; Patty Powell, Natalie Conterras and Connor Wertz for the five to seven-year-olds; Elias Kreuzberger, Dakota Light and Lea Crofcheck for the eight to 12-year-olds and Garrett Cooper, Shawn Givler and Casey Branstetter for the 13 and over category.
In the pie eating contest Emma Wertz took first for the two to four-year-olds. Patty Powell, Allison Campbell and Connor Wertz won in the five to seven age group. Dakota Light took second and Stevie Lucas third in the eight to 12-year-old category and Garrett Cooper, Shawn Givler and Victoria Hoover were one, two three for the 13 and over group.
The watermelon eating contest was sponsored by Leidig’s Farm and the pie eating contest was sponsored by G & R Excavating and Martins Grocery.