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Compiled by Amanda Golden
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One year ago, September 21, 2007
Special Delivery
Yesterday, members of the Pennsylvania National Guard made their way to the Tyrone Armory from Fort Indiantown Gap. A crowd had gathered by noon to witness the delivery of the three Stryker vehicles. (The Daily Herald/Amanda Golden)
Five years ago, September 22, 2003
Birmingham Church celebrates
50 years at new building
Yesterday, approximately 50 people celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham Presbyterian church building.
To celebrate 50 years of service, the rededication ceremony of the Birmingham Presbyterian Church building cornerstone followed the worship service.
The cornerstone was prepared by the founding members of the church in 1953 after the previous church building was tragically destroyed by fire on December 11, 1952.
Inside of the cornerstone was found an array of historical artifacts from the church, including a Bible, a complete list of signatures of the church members of 1953, three pictures of the church that burned down, a door knob from the old church that was scorched by the fire, nails from the old church, church bulletins and programs from special celebrations, a copy of the May 21, 1935 Daily Herald and a June 6, 1953 Daily News, among other items.
Descendants of the founding families of the church building that attended the opening of the cornerstone services included the Harris, Hoover, Keith, Parks and Pryor families.
Members of the church also added items to the cornerstone and expect to have it placed back in front of the church sometime next week.
The rededication ceremony of the cornerstone was followed by a luncheon.
Seventy-five years ago, September 27, 1933
Blair County Fair to Open Tomorrow
Plenty of Entertainment at Altoona Driving Park
The historic Altoona Driving Park has assumed its gala “opening day” atmosphere as racing horses, entertainers and the many attractions prepare for the beginning of the Blair County Fair Thursday. The fair, the first in the county in 11 years, will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
At least 35 of the 60 horses entered for the harness events Thursday and Friday had been stabled early this week. Twenty had reported last Sunday night and each day brings many additional entries. Automobile races, presenting headline drivers of Pennsylvania and surrounding states, will compete in the speed thrills which will climax the fair Saturday.
Of the performers who have taken up residence. on the fair grounds, the famous Whiteside Troupe was the first. This group of nationally known wire walkers and high trapeze performers came here direct from Luna Park, Coney Island, where they closed a successful season. Another outstanding “name” act is the Morris troupe which will play at the Blair County Fair just prior to a three-month tour abroad, where they will entertain at European capitals. Lorraine Wallace and her African lions are “whooping it up” at the Driving Park after their journey from Young’s Million Dollar Pier, Atlantic City, where they filled a successful engagement during the summer. Included is “Tarzan,” the famous Fox movie lion.
One hundred years ago, September 24, 1908
Turkey Outlook Promising
Blair county farmers will have more turkeys this fall than for many years. This is, however, a poor district for raising turkeys, but the farmers of Bedford county and points between Huntingdon and Harrisburg, where turkeys are always plentiful, will have more this year than ever before, and there is no good reason why the price of the Thanksgiving aud Christmas fowl should not be considerably lower than last year.
The outlook for wild turkey, the season for shooting of which comes in on October 15, is also very good this year, the woods being full of turkey, signs.
The dry weather has unusually favored the raising of domestic turkeys, and has also helped the increase of the wild bird.