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Your Bargain Place: A new look to the old News Agency

This summer has brought a lot of new and exciting things to Tyrone including TNT Tattoo parlor, the Dog House re-opening and now Your Bargain Place has become one of the newest additions to the Tyrone area.
So, the question is, what does this new business have to offer? Residents can find almost anything from videos, books and clothing to nice furniture, gaming accessories and antiques. There is something for everyone at Your Bargain Place located at 20 West 10th Street across from the Beauty Salon.
Susie Robinett, owner of Your Bargain Place, started her business 12 years ago in Duncansville. She had a lot of foster kids’ clothing and toys and wanted to sell these things in a store and not just as a yard sale.
“When I lived in Bedford, one of my friends owned a store and I was curious to see how she actually ran the store,” Robinett said. “She showed me all of the basics of how to run a small business and four months later, I was up and running.”
Robinett was born in Canton, OH, but lived most of her life in Bedford County where her desire to start her own business occurred.
“It’s been a while since I’ve started out, but we’re always looking to improve and attract new customers. Our store is based around the new furniture we have to offer and you can get a nice cabinet or a computer desk for a reasonable price instead of spending gas money and buying more expensive items at a Wal-Mart or K-Mart. We’re right around the corner and want to help out the community in any way we possibly can.”
Your Bargain Place recently opened on July 11, 2008, and has been running well since. Currently they are selling items such as an Air Hockey table, some china cabinets and a “one out of 5,000” antique doll that are all at affordable costs. They are also selling DVDs, books, clothing, plates and glasses and tons of classic antiques that are set at great prices.
“In the near future, we are looking to establish gaming tables and tools for the guys. It will be their own section and we look to have new games and special tables all assembled and no hassles for a cheap price. We also take in any yard sale items that weren’t sold for free so if you are having trouble selling something, give us a call.
“The store location is very nice and the people around here are fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer set-up in Tyrone.”
If anyone is interested in shopping at Your Bargain Place, they have a lay-a-way that can be held up to four or five weeks. There is a warehouse to store the products that have been sold in the back and there are several more items that are awaiting people to check out.
Your Bargain Place is located at the old News Agency beside Gardners Candies and across from the Beauty Salon. For more information, please contact Susie Robinett at 814-327-9473 and check out all the latest things at the hot new business in town.