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Tyrone Salvation Army Service Center continues on

The recent passing of Tyrone Salvation Army Service Center volunteer chairperson Bob Maser put into question how the Service Center would move forward.
Maser spent countless hours over the years keeping the service center up and running.
Those worries of who would run the service center were put to rest when members of Maser’s family stepped up to fill his position.
His step-daughter, Sheri Hartsock, will now be the volunteer chairperson, and she will be primarily taking care of the books and managing the overall activities of the center. Maser’s wife, Arlene, will continue to run the store as she has been doing for many years now. His step-son, Ron Beckwith, will be helping with the kettles during the Christmas season.
“We’ve been working with Bob all along, so it’s not like we’re stepping into it not knowing what we’re doing,” said Hartsock. “We know how he did it and what he did. It’s just going to be different not doing it with him.”
The community needs a place like the Tyrone Salvation Army Service Center, and if it wasn’t for Maser’s efforts, a place like it might not exist.
It was unclear if services would continue in the area when it was announced in June of 2004 that the Salvation Army Worship and Service Center located on Tenth Street would close its doors to the community.
However, numerous volunteers, including Maser, stepped up to take on the responsibilities of the local Salvation Army by continuing its services to the community as a service unit. This allows for the Salvation Army to offer the same services to those in need in the Tyrone area, which includes Tyrone, Bellwood and Warriors Mark.
First, the Service Center housed its office at the Tyrone Social Center then moved to its present location of 908 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Hartsock said that’s why she felt it was so important to step up and take on the responsibility of running the service center.
She added, “We just didn’t want to see all of Bob’s hard work be lost.”
Hartsock said that volunteer co-chairperson Reverend Norman Huff has offered to help, and Major Karen Garrett said she would also help. Major Garrett was stationed at the Salvation Army Worship and Service Center located on Tenth Street before it was closed, so she knows the Tyrone area community well.
The regularly scheduled hours at the Tyrone Salvation Army Service Center have recently changed. The new hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon.
Along with helping those in need with their household bills, the Tyrone Salvation Army Service Center is able to furnish clothing and food items.
It always accepts donations of clothing and food items. It also accepts appliances, bedding, etc.
Monetary contributions can be mailed to: Salvation Army Service Center, P.O. Box 142 Tyrone, PA 16686 and can also be dropped off at the 908 Pennsylvania Avenue location. The phone number is 684-1664.