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Tyrone community loses great friend

The Tyrone area community lost a great friend over the weekend, as Bob Maser passed away Saturday at his home.
He was loved by all who knew him.
Throughout the years, he volunteered countless hours to the community as a member of the Tyrone Kiwanis Club, Tyrone Area Community Organization, Tyrone Teener League, and the Tyrone Salvation Army, as well as being a member of many other organizations in the Tyrone area.
Bob visited the Herald office on many occasions throughout the years, whether it was to conduct an interview or to pop in to say “hello”.
Bob had an infectious laugh and never left the office without first telling a joke or two to put a smile on everyone’s face.
He could definitely be seen in the office on a Friday afternoon discussing the upcoming Tyrone football game, and it can be said that Bob loved all Golden Eagle sports.
But mostly, he derived great satisfaction from helping others, and it was through his efforts that the Tyrone Salvation Army still has a place in the Tyrone community.
After the Tyrone Salvation Army Worship and Service Center located on 10th Street was closed in June of 2004, Bob worked day and night to keep the services of the Salvation Army here in Tyrone.
His efforts brought forth the Tyrone Salvation Army Service Unit, with headquarters first at the Tyrone Social Center and then at the present location of 908 Pennsylvania Avenue.
The service unit provides those in need with clothes, winter coats, Christmas food and toys, and other services throughout the year for all who qualify.
When he wasn’t at the service unit headquarters, Bob spent hours upon hours, year after year, manning the Salvation Army Christmas kettles at various local businesses, and everyone contributed just a little bit more when they saw it was Bob standing out in the cold by one of the kettles.
One of Bob’s favorite things to do when he came into the office was to go over the long list of things he had to do that day, most all having to do with helping other people, and he would always say, “I’m busier now that I’m retired than ever before,” but by the look on his face you could tell he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
The last time he visited the office, he said some kids in town had sent him cards of thanks for all that he had done throughout the years, and he started to cry because it meant so much to him. Because Bob loved to help others, the best gift in the world to him was knowing that he was able to have done so much, to help so many.
It would be impossible to count just how many lives were touched by Bob’s volunteer efforts. He was truly a great man who will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
A full obituary can be found on page two of today’s Daily Herald.