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TASD requests board approval of revised contract for fuel clause with bus services

The Tyrone Area School Board will vote next Tuesday, August 19 at its regular session to approve a revised busing contract relating to fuel costs for the school district’s bus services for the 2008-09 school year.
The district is requesting to pay Beckwith Buses 35 percent of its fuel costs across the board to include athletic and extra-curricular transportation, with Beckwith Buses paying 65 percent of the costs.
Raystown Transit Service would also share fuel costs with the district if board members approve the request. The calculation would be based upon established daily route miles and actual miles of extra trips, as opposed to total gallons purchased.
Tyrone Area School District Business Administrator Cathy Peachey said that both bus services are in favor of the district’s offer, which is based on the high cost of fuel in today’s economy.
She said that other school districts around the state are also taking similar measures with fuel cost assistance for student bus transportation.