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Presbyterians to hear sermon and songs on healing

At 10:30 a.m. worship, this Sunday, August 17, Tyrone Presbyterians will hear a sermon, a vocal duet, three congregational songs, and an organ solo about the miracle of Christ’s healing power.
Epworth Manor chaplain and Presbyterian preaching pastor Mark Liller will deliver a sermon about healing entitled, “One Determined Woman.” In his message, Pastor Liller will focus on the healing story found in Matthew 15: 21 to 28. There, a determined Canaanite woman pleads with a reluctant Christ to heal her demon-possessed daughter. Jesus indicated that the mother’s faith had brought healing and wholeness to her ailing daughter.
Before Reverend Liller’s sermon, he and his wife, Dorothy Moore Liller will present a vocal duet entitled, “When I Went Down To The River To Pray.”
The audience will respond to Liller’s message about the determined woman who sought healing for her daughter, with three varied hymns about healing. They will open with a Victorian British hymn, popular in the Lutheran church, Missouri synod entitled, “Your Hand, O Lord, In Days Of Old, Was Strong To Heal And Save.” At the close of Liller’s homily, the audience will sing Bill Gaither’s famous 1963 hymn of healing entitled, “He Touched Me.” The congregation will conclude this service with a 1979 song entitled, “Spirit Song,” a hymn by John Wimber, which emphasizes the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Composer John Wimber lived from 1934 until 1997, and served as keyboard player for the Righteous Brothers Band, before he became a pastor in evangelical and charismatic churches.
Church organist Richard Merryman will accent the healing theme of the service when he presents a 1970 hymn from the Assembly of God tradition during the offertory. Why not join Tyrone Presbyterians at 10:30 morning worship, this Sunday, August 17. In that service, perhaps you will find comfort and courage in these bold words by composer Bonnie Plunkett: “There’s healing in the name of Jesus, healing in the touch of Jesus/One touch of his hand will lift you: Body, mind, and soul/Believe him, that his power will free you/Praise him, for his mercies toward you/Thank him, for his love/He longs to make you fully whole.”