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Plans under way for Tyrone Community Labor Day picnic

As summer winds down, and school is set to begin, committee members for the annual Tyrone Community Labor Day picnic are in full swing getting things ready for another great day at Reservoir Park.
The picnic is scheduled to be held Monday, September 1 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Every year, hundreds of people from the community come out to the park to enjoy a day full of food, games and entertainment for all ages, but long before the actual picnic begins, a lot of preparation goes into making it such a success.
Currently, committee members are accepting donated prizes from area businesses and organizations for adult prize bingo. The Tyrone Elks Club holds the bingo every year during the picnic.
Many area businesses should have already received a flyer about the Community Labor Day picnic listing the various opportunities to donate a prize to be handed out during the day. Anyone who has a donation for adult prize bingo can drop it off at The Daily Herald office on Pennsylvania Avenue or at the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce office on Logan Avenue.
Once prizes start coming in, they will be displayed in the front window of the Herald office as well.
Besides items for the adult prize bingo, cash donations and a 50/50 raffle are held to award cash prizes to area children who participate in all-day organized games on land and in the community pool.
Picnic committee chairperson Rose Black said the Community Labor Day picnic offers “a full day spent close to home with family and friends.”
Also, the day acts as a fundraiser for non-profit organizations who are able to sell great food items all day long at the park. Those organizations are able to keep all profits at no cost to them.
So far, the Rotary Club of Tyrone has scheduled a chicken barbecue dinner, the Women’s Club of Tyrone will sell their famous rib dinners, Boy Scout Troops will have sloppy joes, hot dogs, barbecue ham, sodas and funnel cakes, and the Tyrone Shriners will sell hot sausage sandwiches, ice tea, lemonade and nachos.
If any other non-profit group would like to participate in the picnic, contact Black.
Besides great food, kids’ games and adult prize bingo, WTRN provides live broadcasting all day long, and Kip Woodring will provide entertainment.
The Community Labor Day picnic has been a long-time tradition in Tyrone, and this year’s picnic is being planned by committee members: Rose Black, Connie Geraci, Deb Garner and Rhonda Whalen.
In anticipation for the picnic, The Daily Herald will print updates as they come. This year, a great prize sure to surprise everyone has already been donated for adult prize bingo, and a photo of it will appear in a future edition of the paper. Once everyone sees this prize, they won’t want to miss their chance to get it!
For more information about the picnic, contact the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce at 684-0736 or email Black at