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In My Opinion By Kris Yaniello

The Democratic National Convention began Monday with a very strategic introduction of Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential nominee, Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama. She gave an enthralling and uplifting speech that will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come by both Democrats and Republicans.
I’m a registered Republican, but supported Hillary Clinton in the Pennsylvania primary. When Obama received the nod for the Democratic run for the White House’s top position, I backed into my Republican corner and convinced myself that Arizona Senator John McCain would get my vote for president.
I really didn’t have a reason besides that Obama wasn’t Clinton, and I fell into the negative publicity that Obama’s wife was and is receiving. I don’t think I believed that Michelle was a racist or that Barack was a radical Muslim, but perhaps I was more using the excuse of being “not ready to vote for an African-American president.”
For the past month or so I inched my way closer to Obama’s side. It’s hard not to when he is plastered all over the television and newspapers, while McCain seems to be more quiet and out of the daily lives of Americans. I read about Barack’s policies and goals, and his charisma and intellect can only capture anyone’s attention.
Monday night, while listening to Michelle’s speech, I couldn’t help but be awe-inspired. Just watching her and Barack, it’s like I can see that “change” will happen in America if he wins this election. I didn’t think he had the experience to lead our country, and maybe he isn’t the most experienced, but sometimes it takes a lot more than experience to excel. A person has to have the “it” factor, and Barack Obama has that.
Not only does Barack have “it,” so does Michelle. Through this 2008 election process, she seemed very elite to America and separated from the every day America. Obama’s campaign team obviously recognized that and changed that thinking among Americans Monday night.
McCain has everything going for him as far as experience and his storied military career, but the one thing he doesn’t have in my mind is that “it” persona. He could lead our country and make needed changes, but would he be able to help make those changes all over the world? Would his speaking and actions capture the attention of world leaders and convince those leaders that what he is bringing to the table is right?
From what I’ve seen thus far, Barack Obama can do that. People listen when he talks, and turn the television channel when McCain does. People from all over the world flock to catch a glimpse of Obama, as they did in Germany. People love Obama.
Barack isn’t perfect, nor is McCain. I don’t necessarily agree with Obama’s thoughts on abortion, but having a Catholic vice-presidential nominee in Joe Biden, I feel will balance out some of the things I disagree on with Obama.
One of the things I really think is important, and is relevant to the Tyrone area, is Obama’s thoughts on renewable energy and the dire need for it to save our planet. Both him and McCain recognize the environmental problems here in the U.S. and all over the world, and now we have two candidates from both parties willing to address those issues.
You can say Obama’s more of a celebrity than a politician, but why can’t he be both? Our whole country is defined by celebrities. Everything we think and do and wear, is based on what some famous person thinks, does, and wears. Maybe not all the time, but no one can disagree with the impact celebrities have on people. He was a lawyer and politician well before he ever became what people define as a “celebrity.”
Barack’s not Hillary Clinton, nor is Michelle, Bill. But the Obama’s have that same captivating aura about them that will bring change to the lives of all American people. I voted for George W. Bush twice, and regretted it each time, but the Democrats never put someone up against Bush that had “it.”
Hillary rallied the Democrats last night and brought unity to a party which was torn between her and Barack. She would have made a good president or vice-president, and I think she could have beat McCain in 2008.
In my opinion, if you want four or eight more years of a Republican president, you will receive the same thing you had the last eight years. It’s time for a change.
If you want change, not only in America, but around the world, then Barack Obama is the man for the job.