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Diary from football camp

#9 Mark Mingle
6-1, 220
Well yesterday, I wasn’t tired at all going into practice, and today I was beat and worn out from the opening practice yesterday.
I’m going all out every play and every drill and giving it all, this is my last year at Tyrone.
Taking the role of leader, I’m directing all the underclassmen, telling them what to do, just ordering everybody around and trying to be a good leader.
The weather yesterday was the best I could ask for. There was a little rain and cloudy-no sun. It was the best three-a-day weather.
I’m the only player to have two buddies-Nick Patton and Kegan Fink. It’s a good thing, it get our team meshing, to smooth out the differences between the seniors and the underclassmen.
If I could play only one way, it would be defense. I get the chance to hit somebody on every play.
The Bellwood-Antis game means a lot to me. It’s been almost six years that they haven’t beat us. I want to go my senior year, my whole high school career without losing to them. I want to avenge the 42-0 loss in junior high.