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Diary from football camp

#33 Josh Graham
6-0, 185
Practice was pretty good today, better than the past few days, we got a little bit harder. It was a really good practice. We still have a few kinks to work out on offense, it’s starting to come together.
The leadership is amazing, some of the best I’ve seen. I think this team has great phenomenal leadership, particularly all the senior class, coming together, jelling with the sophomores and juniors. It’s just amazing.
My favorite coach would be Coach Franco, just because he’s so smart and knows everything about football.
My buddy is Keith Leathers. The buddy system is a good thing, it gets you to jell with the younger kids. It helps your team come together as one.
If I could only play one way, it would be defense. You get to hit a lot more and go all pout. As a linebacker, you kind of get to do what you want. It’s just more fun.
The Bellwood game means a lot. It’s what we have been trying for since we started playing football. Right now, it’s everything.