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Diary from football camp

# 85 John Shaffer
6-3, 215
Today was a short practice, since it was the last day three-a-days. We only wore our shells today, but we have to go up there and practice hard every day. We showed up for practice and we had a good practice.
Mainly our leadership goes along with the whole senior group, it’s not just one of us that is out there trying ti lead the team. It’s all of us. It’s all of us together trying to pick up each other and other seniors as well.
The sophomores who have moved up this year have helped us out with the “look team.” They are there practicing hard, learning what to do.
My buddy is Kirby Lawrence. The buddy system is kind of fun, because you get to know about other people, tidbits about them and everything that goes along with that. It brings us together as a team better.
I kind of like both offense and defense. But, if I had to play only one, it would be defense. That’s what we are known for here at Tyrone. We always have a good defense here.
The Bellwood game means more to us than half the rest of our games. We have a really tough schedule this year. But, the Bellwood game we prepare for from the first day clinic to the last practice before the game, so we have a  whole month to work hard to prepare for them