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Diary from football camp

#66 Jarrod Good
6-4, 240
For the most part practice was pretty good today. We are working on our offense. The defense is usually pretty good. We just need to step up on offense, which we are doing. Every night it’s getting better and better.
It really doesn’t have a different feeling to be a senior in camp, except we get to boss the other guys around.
Actually, our leadership, this year, is a big step from last year. This team is real close, we have real good chemistry. We get along good, everybody is treated with the same respect.
My buddy is Robby Marlette, and I like the buddy system, As a team, we are already close and that just gets us even closer with the younger guys who are coming up from junior high. We get to know them and then we get closer. It just works better as a team to know everybody real well.
I like both offense and defense, and it would be tough to chose. On defense, you get to use your hands, get crazy and go hit somebody. But I like offense too. I like to block people.
The Bellwood game is a season in a a season, that’s the biggest game. This year, we have a really tough schedule, but Bellwood- that’s the backyard brawl. We prepare for them every year.