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Community enriched by greening project

Every spring, the Tyrone Women’s Club, Tyrone Rotary Club and Western PA Conservancy host a garden planting extravaganza in Tyrone.
Volunteers from the Women’s Club meet at the Burger King parking lot, and members of the Rotary Club meet in the American Legion parking lot.
As with all Conservancy gardens, these are community inspired, and are planted and maintained by volunteers.
It’s almost a magical transformation – seemingly overnight – blooming flowers appear at key highly visible locations throughout the region – from small local intersections to huge boulevards and highway medians.
This change could not take place without the thousands of volunteers across the state of Pennsylvania who help make the gardens a reality each year.
Since 1972, the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has helped develop hundreds of greening projects in over 170 communities like Tyrone in 20 counties of Western Pennsylvania.
In each location a dedicated group of community volunteers make the planting possible.
The purpose of the gardens is to add visible and vibrant assets to communities in the region, making them more attractive places to live, work and raise families.
Take a walk or drive soon, and be sure to view the gardens in front of Burger King and the Tyrone American Legion, as they are both in full bloom.