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Tyrone Garden Club – ‘The Year of New Beginnings’

Garden Club holds first meeting
The Tyrone Garden Club held its first meeting on Monday, July 14, 2008 where Sharon Duda, President, and other officers spoke of the events to come within their first year. From left to right: Sharon Duda, President; Rosalind Snyder, Secretary; Beverly Fink, Treasurer and Linda Klesius, Vice President. (The Daily Herald/Nick Cushion)

On Monday, July 14, 2008, the Tyrone Garden Club held its first monthly meeting where 16 members and guests gathered together to kick things off at the Wesley United Methodist Church in Tyrone. The club’s officers are as follows: Sharon Duda, President; Linda Klesius, Vice President; Rosalind Snyder, Secretary and Beverly Fink, Treasurer. These four women have worked hard to organize this club and have a one-year head start in their activities and projects to come for the Tyrone Garden Club.
Duda was a member of a garden club in Connecticut before returning to Tyrone. She then decided to bring the garden club back to Tyrone as it had once been in Tyrone years ago. She is the president of the new Tyrone Garden Club and with the help of the Master Gardners at Penn State University and the members of the club, the garden club should be a major success.
“This is a new venture for some of you,” President Duda stated in her message, “and one that I think that you will be glad that you became part of. There is so much to explore in the wonderful world of gardening and flower designing. I look forward to working with each and every one of you and making our community on that we can all be proud of.”
The theme for this year’s Tyrone Garden Club is, “The Year of New Beginnings,” which fits the club perfect for it is the new beginning of a fantastic group of oriented women. There are a lot of responsibilities for each of the members, but the club is meant to help everyone work together as a team and to teach the ways of gardening to make their home and town look better.
“The Tyrone Garden Club is dedicated to sharing the love and knowledge of gardening and floral design among its members, their families and the community. Member participation in civic projects such as planting, designing and maintaining gardens,” stated in the club manual on responsibility.
There are four important requirements for club members: attend monthly meetings on the second Monday of each month; serve as a hostess once each year; work actively on a committee and contribute to our May Market sale each year of plants and baked goods.
The meeting consisted of a basic question and answer session where members were handed booklets, signed up for the hostess and chairperson positions and spoke among themselves on what could be done for the year and what they wanted from the club. A lot of positive vibe came from the club members as they enjoyed cookies, brownies, juice and coffee during their first meeting.
The Garden Club is seeking the assistance of the Borough Council to find a location where members would be able to plant flowers, bushes, etc. to add to the beauty of Tyrone. Since the club is new and has limited funding, donations of flowers or plants from the Borough would be appreciated in regards to making this town a pretty place to live in.
The Tyrone Garden Club is an open club to anyone who wishes to join. Guests are more than welcome to come, but their is a $2 fee per guest that the member must pay. At each meeting, coffee, tea, milk and sugar, cookies and treats will all be provided by the hostess and members of the meeting.
An important goal of the club is to make Tyrone beautiful and with more members on the committee and in the club, the goal will be accomplished and the town will greatly appreciate the work that could be done around the town.
The first monthly meeting is in the books and the next meeting will occur on the second Monday in August where a guest speaker from the Master Gardeners will be their to go over some techniques and skills involved with gardening.