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Motorcycle accident while volunteering leaves area couple in need of community’s help

Lending a helping hand
With wood donated by G & R Excavating and the Central PA Humane Society, volunteer bikers Terry Hite and Rich Weyer of Tyrone construct a handicap ramp for Kathy Kaup at her residence on Lincoln Avenue. Kathy and her husband George were involved in a serious motorcycle accident on the “Biker for Barkers” Humane Society Ride on Sunday, July 6, 2008. (Courtesy photo)

On July 6, 2008, while participating in the “Bikers for Barkers” motorcycle run to benefit the Humane Society, George and Kathy Kaup of Tyrone were involved in a serious accident.
While George sustained minor injuries, Kathy was not so lucky and unfortunately, had both of her legs broken severely in several places.
Kathy has had one surgery since the accident and is due for several more to repair the damage.
For the next six to eight months, Kathy will be restrained to a wheelchair while her legs heal correctly. What was once a charity event turned into a nightmare for this young lady as she almost lost her life as doctors said she was “a centimeter” away from cutting a main artery and bleeding to death.
The Kaups need everyone’s help around the community to get Kathy back in shape.
Like many from the community, they live from paycheck-to-paycheck just trying to make ends meet. With Kathy’s recent injury, she will be missing a lot of work, which will be a struggle for the two.
For those who live in the Tyrone community, a lending hand and an honest heart could only help these two out in the long run. They are in a world of confusion and hurt and need everyone’s help for these months that Kathy is out.
As of now, G & R Excavating and the Central PA Humane Society have donated wood to build a ramp for Kathy at her home.
Terry Hite and Rich Weyer offered to construct the ramp at her residence on Lincoln Avenue in Tyrone.
The Kaups were fortunate enough to have such loving people around the area help them out, but in the long run, financial issues may occur, so if anyone around the community can donate a few dollars here and there, it would be greatly appreciated.
They have two children and have joined in many cycle runs to raise money for people and animals in need, so in reality, it’s time to help them out now.
The town is full of caring people and hopefully, someone will be able to help this family out.
Any contributions will be greatly appreciated and perhaps a work place, church or organization could help donate to the Kaups and their situation.
There will be cans placed in various businesses around the town to collect donations.