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Employees contribute to ER renovation project

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Tyrone Hospital employees presented a donation of $1,712.50 to hospital leaders to help pay for a project that involves renovations to areas within the hospital’s emergency room and patient registration area. The funds were raised via a dance and other fund raisers that were initiated and organized by Mariah Kramer and Julie Criswell of the hospital’s business office and Leslie Shuster of the patient registration department. Pictured are employee event organizers presenting their donation, from left: Basil Selden, M.D., medical director of the Tyrone Hospital emergency room; Mariah Kramer and Julie Criswell of the hospital’s business office and Walter Van Dyke, CEO. (Courtesy photo)

It was an event initiated and organized by some of Tyrone Hospital’s employees.  A dance to get members of the Tyrone Hospital family together for a little fun and at the same time, raise funds to support a project to renovate areas of the hospital’s emergency room and patient registration area.  After seeing the results of their efforts, event organizers Mariah Kramer and Julie Criswell of the hospital’s business office and Leslie Shuster of central registration said they were overwhelmed by the response.  “This was the first time I was ever involved in organizing a big event so I was pleased that everything went so well,” said Mrs. Shuster.
Event attendees included members of the Tyrone Hospital family as well as some of their relatives and friends. Mrs. Criswell said more than 100 people turned out for the dance.  “It was great to see so much support for Tyrone Hospital.”
The funds were raised via a fee charged to attend the dance along with a few smaller fund raisers such as a sandwich sale and an auction held during the dance.  Mrs. Kramer said there was a lot of help from co-workers, friends, and family. “More than forty businesses donated prizes for the auction and employees provided more than just monetary support.  We had help making and selling sandwiches. Also, one of our ICU nurses, Sunda Baney, recruited her husband Gary to serve as disc jockey for the dance, that really helped us keep our event expenses down.”
The event raised $1, 712.50 and will be used to help pay for planned renovations that will make improvements in Tyrone Hospital’s emergency room and in the central patient registration area. The project will cost a minimum of $40,000.
Hospital officials said the planned changes will enhance departments that are the first point of contact for patients entering the hospital and those that receive care in the emergency room.
Walter Van Dyke, CEO at Tyrone Hospital said the donation has special meaning because it is coming from hospital employees. “Mrs. Shuster, Mrs. Kramer, and Mrs. Criswell are to be commended for their initiative. We are grateful for the all around support from hospital employees on this project.” Mr. Van Dyke said the donation from hospital employees combined with contributions from others in the community will allow the hospital to begin the first phase of the renovation project. “A lot of people both inside and outside of the hospital are working together to help us with this project and it is greatly appreciated.”
The renovation plan will create a private office area for patients to register. A separate triage room, the area where nurses first assess emergency patients, will be created to improve privacy and patient comfort. The ER nurse’s station will be enlarged, and doors will be added at the entrance to the ER to improve security and privacy. In addition, the first area that people see when they come into the hospital’s main entrance will be given a facelift creating a more pleasing environment for patients and visitors.
Mr. Van Dyke said employees who work in the areas targeted for improvements developed the renovation plan in cooperation with hospital administration.