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Emmanuel Baptist Church members and friends help spruce up WTRN building

EBC helps wash, prime and paint WTRN Radio Station
Last week, members of the Emmanuel Baptist Church helped with the re-painting of the WTRN building behind District Magistrate Fred B. Miller’s office. The sign on the side of the building was pressure washed, primed and painted to help freshen things up. A few of the members who helped out posed for a picture after finishing their work: Front, Adair Kuhstos. From left to right in back: Mary Lilly, Beth McClung, Greg Wiley, Stephanie Wrigley and Pauley Rodley. (The Daily Herald/Nick Cushion)

The WTRN may look a little different and perhaps even better after the Emmanuel Baptist Church members helped pressure wash, prime and paint the outside of the building.
Also helping was Greg Wrigley and crew. Wrigley is the Director of Missions at Southern Baptist Church in West Virginia.
Wrigley and his crew have traveled all across America to help out with such things as this. He started his work when he lived in Florida, and continued when he moved to West Virginia.
“This is my 13th trip to Tyrone,” Wrigley stated, “and each time I come up here, it gets better and better. The people here are really nice and I enjoy the journey to Tyrone every time.”
The project got started when WTRN contacted Emmanuel Baptist Church Pastor Jack Wiley after seeing the church members painting their building.
The radio team asked for some assistance since their building has aged over the years and the WTRN on the side of the building was fading.
So with the help of the church and a group from West Virginia, the building received a facelift.
It was a two evening, two morning workout to finish the job at WTRN. The first two evenings were pressure washing and the following two mornings were prime and paint.
Ken Krepp donated the industrial pressure washers, WTRN supplied the paint and Tony Ciambotti helped to run the pressure washers. With the supplies donated and the hard working crew, the WTRN building was fresh and new, once again.
Sally Donner, EBC outreach director, and Pastor Wiley were the two who managed to work together to freshen up the radio station. The building will look a little better when residents drive by, so don’t forget to take a look to the left or right when coming in or out of Tyrone.