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Colonel Crowther Day weekend set for August 2-3 at Reservoir Park

The Colonel Crowther Foundation announced today the schedule for the Colonel Crowther Day weekend to be held on Saturday, August 2 and Sunday, August 3 at Reservoir Park in Tyrone.
“This promises to be an exceptional educational and entertaining weekend for those who attend the activities,” foundation President Bob Hileman, Jr. said.
Many people will recognize The Logan Guard, a group very talented musicians, who reenact the 46th Pennsylvania Regiment Band. The group also reenacts Company A of the 46th Pennsylvania Volunteers.  They will participate in infantry demonstrations as that unit.
Anchoring the event this year is Tyrone’s own reenactment group. The Keystone Regiment, led by Captain Mike Gherrity, a resident of Birmingham, will be of special interest for residents of Blair and Huntingdon counties. Their infantry unit reenacts Company A of the 110th Pennsylvania Volunteers, the company raised and commanded by Colonel James Crowther.
Of special interest are the demonstrations that will be presented by the artillery unit of The Keystone Regiment. They reenact the Tyrone Artillery firing a full scale 1861 three inch Ordnance Rifle. In addition, they will present a Union Army Signal Corps Demonstration.
“Reading about the times a civil war soldier faced the enemy on the battlefield and descriptions of engagements where they faced artillery fire helps us to understand what they experienced,” foundation President Bob Hileman, Jr. said.
“But when you witness a living history demonstration where a cannons is fired, you are able to more fully appreciate the reality the soldier experienced on the battlefield,” he added.