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70th Backyard Brawl T-shirts available

’08 Backyard Brawl T-shirt
Tyrone and Bellwood-Antis football coaches show off the 2008 version of the Backyard Brawl T-shirt. B-A coach John Hayes (left) and Tyrone coach John Franco (right) display the 2008 T-shirt, while Tyrone assistant coach Chuck Banas holds the T-shirt. This is the 70th anniversary of the game. T-shirts and order forms are available at Snappy’s in Bald Eagle, Joe’s Place in Vail, Healthy Alternatives, The Daily Herald, Bressler’s Food Mart & Sports, and Wilson’s Barber Shop. (The Daily Herald/Bob Miller)

The 70th anniversary of the Backyard Brawl is just forty-one days away, the official commemorative T-shirt is available.
Throughout the annals of history there have been many phrases issued that have aroused passion and emotion.  Such phrases as “I have not yet begun to fight,” uttered by John Paul Jones during the American Revolution. “Four score and seven years ago,” issued by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War. “I shall return,” stated by Douglas McArthur. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” made historic by John F. Kennedy. However, the phrase that stirs a very similar passion, emotion and excitement is “it is time for the Backyard Brawl,” issued by countless individuals of Northern Blair County over the past seventy years. Young or old, male or female, this is one of the most recognizable phrases in Northern Blair County if not throughout the entire county.
It all started officially back in 1938 when the first game took place between the Tyrone Golden Eagles and then recently merged team of Bellwood-Antis. Prior to 1938 Bellwood and Antis Township were separate entities. So this makes this year’s Backyard Brawl between the Tyrone Golden Eagles and the Bellwood-Antis Blue Devils the official seventy-year anniversary game between these two arch rivals.
This football game between these two communities separated by one exit along Interstate-99 has brought both communities to a stand still for one Friday evening each year over the last seventy years. Both those who proudly wear the orange and black of Tyrone, or the blue and gold of Bellwood-Antis, often refer this game to “as a season within a season”.   Then at the conclusion of the Backyard Brawl game the other football season may begin.
This year to mark the seventy-year anniversary the official Backyard Brawl T-shirt is being rolled out with a special commemorative edition. This will no doubt be a keep-sake for all fans of the Backyard Brawl. These T-shirts along with order forms are being displayed in the Tyrone area at Snappy’s in Bald Eagle, Joe’s Place in Vail, Healthy Alternatives, The Tyrone Daily Herald, Bressler’s Food Mart & Sports and Wilson’s Barber Shop. You can stop by any of these locations and complete the order form. Anyone wishing to order by telephone can call 684-7929 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 4:30 for order information. August 5, will be the absolute cut-off date for ordering your commemorative seventy year anniversary Backyard Brawl shirt.
The count down has started. There are just a mere forty-one days remaining until the big seventy year edition of the Backyard Brawl game kicks on Friday night, August 29 at Gray Field in Tyrone.