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Lots of charges
On May 18, state police reported that Matthew Anthony Kelly, 29, Bellwood, arrived at 304 First St. in Bellwood and gained entry into a vehicle owned by Christopher Adam Hammond. Kelly damaged Hammond’s vehicle windshield, driver side window, and hood. Kelly stole items belonging to Brittany Guida of Bellwood and Hammond. Kelly pushed Hammond’s vehicle across the street and the vehicle came to rest in a neighbor’s yard.
Kelly left the area and returned to 411 Main St. in Bellwood. He was to be responsible for watching a three-year-old infant. He later left the infant unattended at the apartment and again returned to First St.
Kelly pried open a basement window belonging to Guida and Hammond. He placed his head through the window and confronted both of them. Kelly created a disturbance and awoke the rest of the Guida family. He continued with his disturbance and awoke Guida’s neighbors.
Items stolen amounted to $550, along with damages at the amount of $900.
Kelly was arraigned in front of Magistrate Fred Miller on June 3. His bail was set at $5,000 at 10 percent. He remains in the Blair County Jail on charges of Criminal Trespass, Theft from a Motor Vehicle, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Criminal Mischief, Disorderly Conduct, and other charges.
A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 24.

State police reported on June 4 that a 17-year-old male juvenile entered a 14-year-old male juvenile’s bedroom while he was asleep at Greentree Village in Snyder Twp. The 17-year-old male juvenile urinated on the victim’s leg and lower torso. He was cited for Harassment.