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Splinter’s and Sheetz ‘Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling!’

Splinter’s Championship Lanes and Sheetz are continuing their commitment of providing local area students and youths with wholesome recreational activities.
Splinter’s Championship Lanes has announced the fifth season of their popular free-bowling program called, “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling.”
The program is supported and endorsed by the community’s schools, parents and law enforcement agencies.
“‘Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling’ provides thousands of dollars worth of free bowling and shoe rentals to local students during the summer months,” said Splinter’s owner, Nancy Keirn.
The bowling center provides a special identification card for every student in the area through the schools. The card entitles students to one free game of bowling per day, every day from June through August.
Bowling shoes are also included.
The cards have been distributed to all school students in Hollidaysburg, Bellwood and Tyrone school districts, along with the private schools in the area.
If students misplace their “Say No To Drugs” card they can visit and print one out.
“Yes, it’s a significant investment on our part,” said Keirn. “But, we believe it’s an investment in our community’s future. Bowling is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by anyone – any age, any size, and any background.”
She added, “We believe this program gives the kids something to do during the summer that is positive and constructive.”
“Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Bowling” is one of those rare programs in which everyone in the community wins.
The students and parents benefit because they receive an affordable summer activity; the community benefits because the program keeps the kids active in a productive manner; the bowling center benefits in forming a positive alliance with their community, schools and local law enforcement agencies.