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Sam’s Pet Shop serves community for 37 years

After 37 years in the animal business, Sam’s Pet Shop in Tyrone is scheduled for its last day this Saturday, June 28, 2008.
Sarah Ieraci, owner, has been involved with Sam’s Pet Shop for the entire ride. She has had a few helping hands along the way, however, as Donna Ieraci, 31 years at Sam’s, and Joyce Fultz, 23 years, have opened their lives up to the community by giving them a pet shop that residents will never forget.
“Sam’s was more of a personal experience with the community,” Fultz stated of the customers. “It was normally a one-on-one approach with the customers and we weren’t out to make money by selling people the wrong items. We gave the customers what they needed and told them what they really didn’t need. It was more of a friendship than a business with the customers we had throughout the years.”
The community has supported Sam’s Pet Shop for the past 37 years and always seemed to have a smile after visiting with the store’s pets and other animals that were present there.
There was a monkey named Chikeetah, a piranha named Daisy, and who could forget Bo and Luke Duke, the two Blue and Gold Macaws. Bo is still probably perched outside somewhere smiling down on Tyrone.
“We called the fire company the day Bo flew out the front door,” Donna said, “and they chased him up and down the road with their ladder and they even climbed up a tree after him, but he was never recovered. We did hear of some people stating they saw him in town, which always brought a smile to our face that he still visits.”
From children to adults, Sam’s Pet Shop has been a great supporter of the community and has been almost like a shelter for some people. It was always a warm welcome from the trio and there was never a dull moment. From dog food to bird feed, Sam’s Pet Shop was always a great place to be when a person shopped for their beloved pets.
“This was a big part of my life,” said Fultz. “I love animals and pets and got to know a lot of people personally throughout the years here. I enjoyed seeing the families come in and visit us and our pets. I think the community will always remember Chikeetah, who always sat in the back and came out when someone asked for him. The memories were great here for us and we loved being a part of the Tyrone Community.”
“It meant a lot to see a whole generation of customers come through,” Donna said of the former customers she served that are now adults. “To wait on kids 30 years ago and now see them with their kids is just something special. We are a family-oriented shop and had a lot of great memories through the years, especially when we were able to help out with the nursery schools that would take tours through our shop. That was very special to us.”
Through the years, Sarah Ieraci has worked hard to keep Sam’s Pet Shop a community friendly business. For 37 years, the shop has worked well with the community and will be remembered for all of the great things they have provided for Tyrone through the years.
“About 10 years ago we had a little Shitzu named Midget,” Donna said, “and he used to visit everyone who came in the store. He was one of the most lovable dogs and never hurt anyone. Midget will be one of the most memorable pieces linked to the shop through the years and he really brought a smile to our face and the community’s as well.”
Sarah now has two dogs just like Midget named Sam and Sammy. She also has a bird named Thumper that was a Macaw just like Bo and Luke. The pet shop was a place where people could bond with their animals and the people who worked there.
“Sam’s Pet Shop thanks the Tyrone community for all of the support these 37 years,” Donna, Sarah and Joyce stated. “Thank you for being a great family to all of us.”
For Joyce Fultz and Sarah and Donna Ieraci, the community thanks you for the having a great shop for us these past 37 years and will always remember the great times Sam’s Pet Shop had to offer.