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Local resident sings National Anthem

The Miracle League of Blair County welcomed Tyrone’s Pastor Norman Huff last Saturday for the singing of the National Anthem. He was joined by several players from each team as he sang at Fiore Field. This is the first season the Miracle League has had guest celebrity singers, and Pastor Huff was the first Tyrone resident to sing. Within the next few weeks, additional Tyrone residents will honor the Miracle League by singing. Also, Miracle League history was made earlier this season when the first out of the park home run was hit by Blayde. He hit the long ball in what turned out to be only the first game of baseball he every played in his life! Saturday, May 31 saw history duplicated when the Phillies’ Robert launched a high one out of the park! This is the first season for both boys who are from Altoona. (Courtesy photo)