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From The Stacks A column about the Tyrone-Snyder Public Library June 19, 2008

Nothing speaks of summer so much as chasing those mysterious twinkling lights blinking elusively just five steps ahead of grasping, outstretched hands. In the twilight, the lights seem to rise like magic from the grass. This warm glow is not designed to intrigue us, but rather to attract suitable males for mates. The source of the twinkling lights is the female firefly or lightning bug. These elusive insects have been enticing people from toddler through teen for decades. Tiny hands capture these critters and put them in a jar with air holes carefully punched in the lid. Fireflies have a long history of interaction with humans. They are a well-known part of ancient Mayan mythology, often being associated with the stars. The firefly also has a strong connection to Pennsylvanians. The Pennsylvania Firefly is the state insect. Fireflies are also a great example of energy efficiency. Although fireflies convert 90% of the energy they use to create light into light, it is not that the firefly will be the ultimate solution to our energy problem.
Fireflies may not solve our energy problem, but they do represent the “fire in the hand” that the Summer Reading program “Catch the Reading Bug” offers. The library invites your children to catch the bug for reading and brighten their summer with the light of books. This year’s program begins the week of June 23rd when registration opens. A new twist – you may register in person at the library OR via the library’s website ( Children and Young Adults from preschool through ninth grade are invited to participate in an exciting series of activities, to earn prizes, and to enjoy books along the way. To earn prizes, participants must read a required number of library books.
There are three reading levels in the program:
• Read-to-Me for preschool through kindergarten-aged children must have 30 books read to them.
• Early Readers for 1st through 4th grade must read 6 books (on their reading level).
• Readers for 5th through 9th grade must read 4 books (on their reading level).
There is also a “Lunch Bunch” Reading Club for 4th graders and up.
Throughout the summer, several exciting activities will help young readers “Catch the Reading Bug”:
• On June 26th join the fun at the library for Create a Bug T-shirt Night (bring your own T-shirt). This kick-off event is scheduled for 5:30-7:30 PM for all ages)
• On July 1st: elementary aged participants are invited to join Cory Geis for Drawing Cartoon Bugs at 6:30 PM. Call the library to register at 684-1133.
Support for the annual summer reading program comes in part from the Positively Heaven Quilt Shop’s donation of a quilt for a raffle.
Though the summer fireflies may prove to be elusive, we invite – and encourage – you and your children to “Catch the Reading Bug”.
Stop by to see what the library has to offer.
We look forward to seeing you at the Library soon!