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Fifth annual fireworks at Chill N’ Grill benefiting Bald Eagle Volunteer Fire Co.

Five years ago, Scott Illig opened up a restaurant called the Chill N’ Grill, which has grown into a large business with its latest addition of Firehouse Pizza. To celebrate the five years of service to the community, Chill N’ Grill is having a fireworks display on June 28 at 10 p.m.
The fireworks aren’t the only attraction, however, as children and adults can win prizes and play games all day in the Chill N’ Grill plaza. All proceeds will be donated to the Bald Eagle Volunteer Fire Company for the hard work and dedication they put out for the community.
The Boomers, the band that rocks the Alleghenies, will be the entertainment for the night, as they will be rockin’ out with some 60s, 70s and 80s music from 7 to 10 p.m. The band is as excited for the event as anyone in the community and hopes that everyone can come check out the festivities.
During the day, kids can enjoy a blow-up maze and other games they wish to participate in. Anyone is welcome to come celebrate the five year anniversary at Chill N’ Grill, so pull up a lawn chair early and save a seat.
The Bald Eagle Fire Company is having a live demonstration of how they use the jaws of life on a wrecked vehicle to save someone around 7 p.m. and will also be showing off their latest tools on the fire truck.
Remember, there is limited parking so residents that live close may walk or watch the fireworks from their home to save room for the people who live further away.
Before the fireworks are set for display, a few patriotic songs will be played to honor the soldiers of America and the country itself.
“As owner of Chill N’ Grill, myself and Bald Eagle Fire Company would like to thank everyone inside and outside our community for their support when they visit the Chill N’ Grill,” Illig said.
“We want the community to come together and celebrate as one, have a great time and pray that the weather is decent.”
Brumbaugh Fireworks, Inc. are highly-trained professionals and ensure that everything will be safe with the communities cooperation. They plan to have a great display of fireworks for the public and wish that everyone comes out to enjoy the show.
Donations from local businesses are accepted to make sure that the community day at Chill N’ Grill is free to the public to hang out for fireworks, food, games, demonstrations and live entertainment.
The restaurant is open at the normal hours, so the public is free to come at anytime to hang out for the day.